Zync launches budget tablet Z999 plus

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The launch of Zync Z999 tablet plus has created a sensation among the masses while giving a tough competition to their contenders in the market. This budget tablet is priced at Rs. 11,990 with lot of amazing features. There are many reasonably priced tablets launched in the market but we need to assess whether Z999 plus tops the chart or not. Now-a-days, many companies are offering economical tablets just to enter the market and stay in the competition but making a compromise on certain vital features such as screen quality, camera, 3G, etc. Z999 plus has addressed some of the issues and is still in the budget tablet league. So, let’s take a quick review of the key features and some positive and negative aspects of the tablet.


Key Features with pros and cons [Zync Z999 Budget Tablet]

• The tablet has a first ever 7 inch display size and offers a scratch resistant LED screen. Display is quite average in terms of its color representation which affects the readability in direct sunlight.
• Design and build is nice providing a better grip.
• It offers 512 MB RAM, 8GB internal storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, inbuilt 3G connectivity, HDMI port and 1.5 GHz processor. 512 MB RAM is a bit disappointing which we believe can pose a hindrance to its performance. As it offers GSM calling facility, it can be used as a mobile phone which adds to the list of its amazing features.
• It runs on Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but the user’s experience is not good in terms of software usage. Some graphical display or screen corruption problem has been experienced by users. They have encountered ‘hang’ or ‘freeze’ problem as after working fine for few hours, the screen becomes idle or sometimes it may ask for ‘force close’ the application.
• Touch screen keyboard is quite impressive.
• Sound quality is reasonably good but video quality is appalling. It has a 2 mp rear and front VGA camera but the shots taken are not of optimum quality.
• The device comes with some preloaded apps like BBC News, Ibibio, movie player, Office suite, Skype, WhatsApp messenger and many more.
• The battery backup is excellent. It can support the battery power for more than 10 hours.


Summing up, Z999 can be justified for its price. It offers some great features such as Bluetooth, 3G connectivity and GSM phone calls which make it stand apart from the crowd and can be a good selling point. Speaking of its downside, its 512 RAM, video quality, display and screen freezing problem are major drawbacks which make this tablet just average. All-in-all, anyone who is willing to spend between Rs. 10,000 – 15,000 can opt for Z999 plus which can be considered value for money.

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