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Youtoo is world’s first social TV network which was launched in USA in 2011. Its basically a cable network company with a social twist. Youtoo is the first initiative to make TV an interactive and a non-idiot box. Until, now TVs only allowed one-way interaction i.e. you could only watch programs without any participation from your side. But Youtoo changed that and allowed people to be on TV and see yourself in a video that is being transmitted to millions of households.


Youtoo has already reached more than 15 million households in US. Unlike a normal social network, you can not only interact with your friends and followers but also with million of others on the network.

So far, Youtoo has transmitted around 90000 user recorded videos.

Youtoo Facebook and Mobile Apps

Youtoo already has applications for iPhone, Android and iPad which allows users to record their 15 seconds of video from mobile and share with the network.

Now, Youtoo has launched a Facebook apps which will enable users to share and upload videos directly from the Facebook. User can be more interactive with any TV program and can choose to answer the questions asked in the program from Facebook itself along with uploading a video. The users responses will appear in the timeline as well.

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The uploaded video, if found suitable and shortlisted subsequently, will be aired on the network. Users will be informed about the date and time when they can get to see them on air. Even if a user misses, they can still get to see the recorded video of the live show which they can even share with their Facebook network.

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