You Can Still Send More than 100 SMS per Day [TRAI]

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There is an update to this regulation from TRAI. As per new regulation, now you can send 200 SMS per day instead of earlier decided 100 SMS per day.

Some time back, we informed you about TRAI’s new regulation of 100 SMS per day per SIM limit. According to which no one will be able to send more than 100 SMS per day from a single SIM after 27th September 2011. This regulation has already recieved a thumbs down from most of the personal users. These include mostly students and youngsters who use SMS quite extensively and as one of the main communication channel to keep in touch. This is obviously because of the economic factors. Most of them and including many others  have opposed to this new rule saying it should only be limited to the commercial operators who keep spamming mobile subscribers’s inbox. This seems quite valid as well to a larger extent as there is no reason why a personal user should have any limit on any number of message he/she wants to send. Even the telecom providers are not very happy with this new restriction as it will directly impact their revenue and profitibility.
Since, SMS contribute towards a larger part of their revnue, they may even think about increasing the call rate and rate of other value added services so as to compensate for their losses.

How Can We Send more than 100 SMS per day per SIM

Now, there is a seems to be good news for all the SMS fans which is that you can still send more than 100 SMS per day even after TRAI’s new regulation gets effective post September 27, 2011. If we are to believe what TRAI has mentioned in their 6th amendment document, then it is something like this;
“(ka) no Access Provider shall permit sending of more than one hundred SMS per day per SIM:
Provided that in case of post paid telephone number the Access Provider shall not permit more than three thousand SMS per SIM per month:”
If try to read the fine print in the above clause, then it just means, that at least for post paid subscribers, they will still be able to send more than 100 SMS per day provided they are within the limit of 3000 SMSs per month.Although, it doesn’t lift the restriction of 100 SMS per day as such, however, it does provide with a relief though. For example, there could be days when you don’t really send 100 SMS per day, then you should be able to send more than 100 on some other days when you really need them most. In real life, it may make sense as you may not be consuming the full 100 SMS limit each day, then at least you have some credits to send more than 100 SMS on some other days.

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Now check the next clause;
“(kb) the Authority may by direction, from time to time, specify the category of SMS which shall be excluded from the limit of one hundred SMS per day per SIM:”
According to this, a telecom provider may lift this restriction of 100 SMS per day for some specific categories. Again, if we try to read the fine print, these categories would just mean the festivals etc. Because it is then people do send quite a lot of messages and which gets the providers a major revenue. So, obviously, they would not like to lose out on that revenue and hence this exception has been put to the 100 SMS per day restriction.
You can read the above mentioned clauses in the TRAI’s document – ‘The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference (sixth amendment) Regulations, 2011’.

List of exempted categories and service providers

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has come up with th list of service providers who have been exempted from this limit of 100 SMS per day per SIM. This exempted service providers include – dealers of telecom operators, e-ticketing agencies and social networking sites. DTH providers have also been exempted from this ban in lieu of sending request for electronic recharge on mobile numbers. Various e-ticketing agencies, social networking sites and directory services have also been exempted from this limit of 100 SMS per day. Following is what TRAI has quote in its recent notification dated today-27 September 2011;
“Now therefore, the Authority, in exercise of the powers conferred upon it under section 13, read with sub-clauses (i) and (v) of clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 11 of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997 (24 of 1997) and clause (kb) of sub-regulation (2) of regulation 20 of the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2010 (6 of 2010), hereby directs all Access Providers to exclude the following persons from the limit of one hundred SMS per day per SIM:-
(i) Dealers of the Telecom Service Providers and DTH Operators for sending request for electronic recharge on mobile numbers;(ii) e-ticketing agencies for responding to e-ticketing request made by its customers;
(iii) The social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn and GooglePlus to its members pertaining to activities relating to their accounts based on their verifiable options;
(iv)Agencies providing directory services – Justdial, Zatse, Callezee, Getit and Askme”
So, do share your feedback if it is working for you and are you (personal users) still able to send more than 100 SMS per day even after September 27, 2011.
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  1. I don’t know how crazy decesion is that, which TRAI has taken. How would those people servive who are only living by text chating. Common !! youngsters this is the time to request before the TRAI.

  2. useles regukation!
    deze ppl better keep a restriction on telecom service ppl rather dan messaging s d only cheapest way to communicate now-a-days..
    hope it will end soon!

  3. TRAI should apply a rule in which a person can register a number of his choice to which he can send unlimited msg…it will be more benificila for young generation

  4. v r not able to send more than 100/day what so ever.even if v recharge for 500, once 100th msg is over none can send sms.this is annoying to the core


  6. TRAI ‘s new rule 100 sms per day was irritating rule for all peoples . The trai’s manager is a mad mad mad . . Why he is doing like this . And what is the purpose of doing like this. Its affecting our freedom. Its very foolish rule by the trai . . . .

  7. Dear All,
    Agr karna hi hai to ulnimited sms free karo per day, 100 sms me kya hoga, 100 sms to haal chal punchne me hi lag jate hai, jo pareshan hai wo sms hi na pade, unki wajah se hum kyo suffer kare, jinki 11 gf hai to wo kya 10 hi sms kar payenge har 1 ko, ye to bahot hi nainsafi hai, kuch to karo yaarooooooooo

  8. Even after Trai allowed 200 free sms, all the mobile companies are charging 1 rupee after 100 sms… whom to blame TRAI or Mbile Operators..??? This is just hell ya..


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