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How to Write Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-focused Web Content

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Getting more internet users to visit your blog/website is beneficial for you. If your blog garners popularity, you can look to monetize it. Contextual advertising and other forms of online advertisements on your blog can help you make money from it. But, diverting more internet traffic to your blog requires you to write Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly content. SEO is all about writing content in a manner such that search engines are able to pick up your website so that it appears in the top search results of these search engines. Better web page ranking for your website will ensure that more internet users visit it.

This article gives you some simple tips and strategies which will help you write SEO friendly content with ease.

Writing engaging and useful content is the key to successful SEO

seo-useful-engaging-contentThe first rule while attempting to master SEO is to write content that is engaging and useful to the audience. Google and other search engines are constantly improving their algorithms to find websites that offer engaging content. Moreover, it is important to captivate users visiting your website for them to stay on it. Write compelling articles that will give users valuable information. This will ensure that your website ranking goes up in search engine results and will also keep Internet users hooked onto your website.

Select the right keywords

Choosing-the-Right-KeywordsOne of the key strategies for writing SEO focused content is to know what Internet users are looking for. Knowing popular keywords and then creating content around it will ensure that your website shows up higher in search engine results. Using free or paid keyword tools will give a clear picture of the content type that Internet users are searching for.

Clever keyword placement is important for SEO

Placing your keywords cleverly throughout the content is the most important SEO strategy. You must be careful not to over-use the keywords because this can result in search engines blacklisting your websites. Overusing keywords can also irk readers since they would recognize that your content is not offering any value but is merely written for search engines.

Using your keywords in titles and subtitles is a good SEO strategy since titles and subtitles are the ones first picked by search engines. Depending on the length of your article, it is advisable to use your keywords every 50-100 words.

You can also place your keywords strategically without making it too obvious to search engines and readers. Meta tags and file name of images are great resources where you can place your keywords.

Clever Linking of Content can help your SEO efforts

Using internal links to direct readers to useful related content within your website is a great way to enhance your website’s usability and make it more user-friendly. You can embed your keywords in these internal links to rank higher on search engine results.


Structure your Content Well to Enhance SEO

Well written and well-structured content will leave a lasting impression on the minds of readers. Limit the length of your content to between 400-900 words. This content length will ensure that search engines pick up your content and will also hold readers’ interest in the article.

It is important to have an introduction, body and conclusion to your content. Cleverly embedding your keywords in each component of your article will increase your web-page rankings. Also, try to use lists to enhance the readability of your content.

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