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Windows 10: The Surprise Package for Window users

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Microsoft has finally unveiled the future of Windows. Not Windows 9 as expected but it will be named Windows 10. It will definitely be a treat for all the users who aren’t willing to give up on Windows 7 and windows 8. Lets take the opportunity to explore the new OS with some interesting improvements waiting for its launch next year.

  1. Most attractive of all is the Start Menu in Windows 10: It’s a happy times for the desktop users, as the start menu is more familiar unlike seen on the Windows 8.1. This start up menu will help in viewing the regular apps used; have the ability to do the universal search. You can even go ahead to customize it by resizing it, pinning the modern apps on it or just matching the color to the desktop wallpaper.
  2. Good news for the Multi tasker with new Task view: Something called, as Task View is what the Microsoft has added. At the bottom of the screen where it is located, the task view will help in displaying all the currently opened apps very similar to Apple’s OS X Expose feature. To make Windows 10 unique than the other OS, which offers similar feature, Microsoft has added productivity-focused snap views into the Task view.
  3. For Power Users, Multiple Desktop features are added: With the launch of Task View in Widnows 10, one can view multiple desktops switching to the different desktops where multiple apps can run. With the help of new “Snap Assist’ UI which will help to grab the apps from different desktops at once. Isn’t it a interesting feature?
  4. Familiar Command Prompt gets user friendly: Familiar with using the Prompt to run in MS-DOS mode? Now Windows 10 will also feature the same with little tweaking done. The Prompt feature will help in pasting the directories with the Ctrl and V keyboard shortcut. Definitely a useful feature for some of the users.
  5. More Touchy feel with Windows 10: People these days love the touch screen features and hence, without forgetting what his users basic need is, Microsoft has made the changes to the OS 10 with the new touchscreen-optimized features. Now you can get hands on experience with more touch friendly buttons. Another new thing is the ability to switch modes depending on whether you want to use the device as touch or keyboard based. It’s like a two-in-one process.
  6. To replace Windows Phone: With confirmation that the next gen Windows Phone will use Windows 10, the company is trying to make the unified operating system. For sure it’s a great thing and advantageous too except the fact that the phone version of windows 10 will not have the desktop mode considering the fact that the screen size difference.
  7. Windows Store Friendly: The Windows store is growing no doubt and the company confirms that the existing apps will work with the new OS 10 as well. We hope the missing top line apps are also included by the time the company launched the OS 10 next year. One more attractive thing the company has done is the apps downloaded from the Windows store can be resized and will include title bars where you can minimize or maximize them.
  8. Snapping is the new Trend: Snapping several apps to work across one screen are been supported by the OS 10. At a time, you can work with four apps. You can also add the other apps, which you can see running on Windows 10.

Don’t just dream about the new OS Windows 10 but if you want to explore and play around it, you can sign up at where a technical preview is available from today. So enjoy the festive season exploring the new OS on your device and have fun till Microsoft makes it officially available by mid next year.

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