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Why You Should Use WordPress Thesis Theme

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WordPress has many themes for publishers, but wordpress thesis theme has many advantages. As compared, to other themes, thesis is much more user friendly. Do you know what the advantages of using this theme are? If you do not, then you should know about the same. Here are some advantages of using the wordpress thesis theme.


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wordpress thesis theme advantages

Less Plugins with WordPress Thesis Theme

With Thesis theme, it is possible to make your website and blog without using many additional plugins. That doesn’t mean that thesis restricts usage of any plugins but it only means that you can add lot more additional functionality without using many heavy plugins. This makes the website look neat. Many a times, due to plugins, performance of the site could suffer. Therefore, less plugins is a good option and advantage in the thesis theme of wordpress. The theme also supports the thesis option panel, which you can use. It lets you specify the pages you wish to display in the menu. Therefore, this can really be helpful.

Many Layout Options

As compared to other themes, thesis theme has many layout options. It supports the design option panel where you can change the width, column and font size of the website or post. This helps to make your website look good. The usability of the panel is quite good and quick.

Easy Upgrades

Upgrade is easy for the thesis theme in wordpress. It supports the custom folders, which can be merged. So, you don’t need to take a backup every time you upgrade the theme. It can be simply upgraded without saving individual folders and programs.

Community Support

When you buy the theme, it lets you access the forum support and other documentation process. Therefore, being interactive in nature, this can help to solve your issues. There is an open forum for the theme where everything can be discussed related to the theme.

Rich Styled Classes

The theme supports the CSS classes that can be used in the posts and other content of the page. Unlike other themes, this theme can help you to use all the content easily.

Thesis Hooks

The feature can help to add or modify the functions of the theme on instant basis. This feature lets you modify the underlying HTML and PHP code, which is used in the theme. Any change can be made, without opening multiple tabs in the theme. It also supports other custom options in the panel.

Thesis theme is good for publications. All the modifications can be made easily. Go ahead, try the theme, and see the difference.


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