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Why WordPress is Always Better for SEO

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SEO depends on web designers and content developers making the right moves with their websites. Relying on strong content, smart design, and a website that is easily “crawled”— among other elements—is essential to SEO today. To meet those goals, SEOs need to use the right platform. WordPress, even in the post-Hummingbird, increasingly challenging Internet environment, is the best platform for the job. Here’s why WordPress is always better for SEO.

Why WordPress is Always Better for SEO

Ease of Content Building and Design

Simply put, WordPress benefits SEO strategies because it is easy to use. Developers can create content quickly, efficiently, and with purpose on the platform, which carries some great advantages. Because SEO is now centered more on strong, original content than on keywords, the quickness and ease with which content can be created on WordPress is an asset. Essentially, there is little that stands in the way on WordPress for getting new content created, published, and optimized.

Additionally, the design features on WordPress also work towards improved SEO. First, code on the platform is clean and simple, meaning developers ultimately have more ease with creating stronger content and design. Next, each WordPress site can feature its own title, excerpt, metadescription, categories or tags, and a clean, SEO-friendly URL. These all might be simple traits for the platform, but they add up to better SEO over the competition.

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Automatic “Bump” for New Posts

While it won’t benefit pages created through the platform, new blog posts hosted through WordPress will come with an automatic bump in search results. The rationale for Google is that blogs are generally related to conversations, events, and topics taking place currently. By featuring that content more, the search engine is hoping to provide more timely and relevant search results for its users. Other search engines are taking this route and bumps occur with blogs on other platforms, too. Paired with WordPress’s usability and functionality, though, this bump in results makes the platform hard to beat for SEO.

Better Crawlability

WordPress allows for better SEO because of how the site is developed internally and the way in which it structures links. Ultimately, WordPress’s design is more universal than other platforms, making it easier for search engines to “crawl” the site and index it properly. It seems the traits that make it easy to develop content on WordPress also make it easy to index and optimize on search engines. Here, the platform’s clarity and clean organization are among the biggest assets to SEO potential.

WordPress is more Interactive

Another aspect of WordPress that helps with SEO is how interactive the pages can be. In short, the more that people are interacting with a page or post, the better the SEO for that site. Because pings, trackbacks, and comments are all part of the standard WordPress package, interaction with a site on the platform is easy. The more a site or post is shared or commented on, the higher the search engine rankings. Pings, comments, and trackbacks all help to create a stronger search engine presence and help bring more readers to the site. WordPress features all of those necessary elements and makes them easier to use than almost any other platform does.

Faster Load Speeds

WordPress sites have had slow load times in the past, but the platform has improved its load speeds, which is great for SEO. Because Google favors sites with quicker load times, WordPress’s improved loading speeds help put their sites towards the top of results. If a specific template or design feature on the platform slows the page’s load time, plug-ins like the Super

Cache can help remedy the problem.

Overall, with its functionality, design features, crawlability, load time, and other notable features, WordPress is the best hosting platform for SEO.

This guest post is contributed by Rebecca Gray, who writes about free background check.

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