White Hat Advantages Over Black Hat in SEO

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There has been a great debacle in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) communities about importance of white hat and disadvantages of black hat techniques. But only a few suggest you the bottom line advantages. Read on to learn about the major advantages White Hat SEO tactics can bring into your organization.



1.    White Hat tactics are more reader-friendly

When a professional is ready to wear white hat, he’s probably also prepared to do the hard work.  He will study the whole aspect of the SEO process and proceed with utmost care. This is helpful in drafting out a more reader-friendly copy. The professional is also better than the one who wants to cheat the search engine crawlers. In this process, the ultimate copy becomes rich and readable. You automatically get recommendations. Black hat cannot let you expect this.

2.    Black Hat is costly

While you keep cheating the search engines, you have to enroll yourself into a longer time commitment to keep things alright. You will have to manage a whole site with spams. You will also have to be careful about de-listings and keep professionals engaged in the project. This will be costlier than white hat tricks. In White Hat you do the things right. No need to keep an eye on the process except regular audits. So, why would you pay more?

3.    The penalty can even be costlier

Using black hat techniques may give you a fresh air instantly but it is very risky proposal. Once the search engines have any idea about your plans, they will de-list your site. Recovering and applying again for the live status may require even 6 months time. So, it’s like wasting both money and resources. Therefore, it can be costlier than what you may plan.

4.     No good links

If your site is a spamming site, no good authoritative site will link with you. So, your web sites grade may fall well below the average. You won’t understand this as this occurs over time. But, black hat would surely make you a leukemia patient; you’d lose good links and later on end up in a black hole. So, it is always better to stay white and spotless.

5.    White hat content is king

Have you heard about the quote ‘Content is king’? If you haven’t, believe in it now. Once you fill up your back end with quality content, you can be sure that your site will give you greater mileage. White hat content is attractive and looks beautiful on a site. People would most often respond to your request if you put it through genuine policies. Moreover, as good links and backlinks would be available you can rest assured that your site is never going to flop.

Keep this in mind when you think next about SEO. It is always better to keep your profile clean and use White Hat tactics than trying to go too fast and fall in the prey of Black Hat.

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