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Which Android Apps that Drain Battery the Most?

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When it comes to Android smartphones, it is not always the phone usage that drains the battery. Many times, there are some apps which are culprits and drains the battery like anything. Many of these apps are pre-installed android apps that comes built-in when you buy your smartphone. However, there are many others that you install and use later that also leads to drainage of the battery.


Among these, Facebook is one of the app that drains the battery in Android phones. It also appears in making the highest performance impact as well as high data traffic list.

There are others like bloatware and security update services that start automatically on start-up that rank as the worst battery draining apps.

Among social networks, as we mentioned, Facebook tops the list. Others like Instagram, Tumblr and Spotify also to be blame for battery drainage.

In the games section, you can blame the three games like Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga as the worst battery draining apps.

Now, how to save the battery? Worst thing is you just can not get rid of the system apps that comes as the built-in but you can ofcourse do so as far as other apps like games and social networks are concerned. Use minimal of such battery drainage apps.

Even in case of system apps, when you are running out of battery, temporary switching off the auto-updates and location services can help you save the battery to a large extent. You can also minimize the phone brightness to save on extra battery that gets consumed because of this.

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