What Makes Thesis WordPress Theme Best SEO Optimized

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First of all Thesis theme for wordpress is one of the very few (or the only one, if I am not wrong) themes for WordPress which is being widely used by thousands users worldwide without any complaint. In fact, you will find many examples wherein people switched from some old theme to thesis but not vice-verca.

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This is all because of many reasons out of which  SEO has come out to be the strongest one. Since, SEO is something which any blogger or webmaster has to bother about day in day out, when thesis theme was launched bundled with SEO capabilities, obviously everyone wanted to try it. Whomsoever tried this for the first time, could not leave it afterwards. In fact there are many who have been using it even for their more than one blog/site. So, let us try to understand whats the big fuss about thesis being SEO optimized and what exactly makes it so.

Reasons and Features that make Thesis as Best SEO Optimized WordPress Theme [Review]

Following are some of the reasons or features that bring out the SEO advantages in thesis theme.

Clean and Optimized Code in Thesis Makes it Best SEO Optimized WordPress Theme

Thesis is well considered to be more than a mere simple plain template. Thesis is a full framework offering an efficient and easy controls to tune each and every page of your blog. What does it mean? It actually means that even a person not having enough knowledge about php, html or even css can easily do the customization as per his/her requirement. It also means that changes done so will not have any adverse affect on the underlying code due to the person being non-proficient with the coding knowledge. Because as it happens with so many other themes that when a person tries to make changes to the underlying code with his limited or no knowledge, such changes induces many negative factors which in turn affects the overall SEO. This is totally avoidable when it comes to thesis.

Thesis Site and Design Options Makes the Customization Easy and Quick

For example, thesis has built-in site options, design options and page options interface using which you can control almost every aspect of your site. When making changes through such easy to use interface,it ensures that changes are reflected at  the right place within the back end code. With so many easy options to tweak your site with, you are only left with the content thing to manage on your own as far as SEO optimization is concerned. But, then there are many add-on plugins available for thesis which you can use to manage your content better and to have SEO optimized and quality content at the end. Obviously, writing the quality content will be the bloggers responsibility only and thesis will be able to help to present the content in much better way that will make users to come back again and hence indirectly affecting the SEO positively ultimately.

What Makes Thesis WordPress Theme Best SEO Optimized
Thesis Options

Easy Code Level Customization with Thesis Open Hook Plugin (Optional)

One can also make full use of Thesis Open Hook plugin which you have to install on top of thesis to go one step further in making the code clean and fully optimized. This plugin again provides the mechanism of tweaking the underlying code in a best possible way because it divides the full underlying code in multiple logical divisions like thesis_hook_before_header, thesis_hook_after_header and so on which makes it possible even for a non coder to easily make changes in the code and at the right place. This plugin is an optional requirement but if you download and install this plugin, then code changes doesn’t look that hard and tough.

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Easy Navigation and Maximum Readability of Blog and Site with Thesis

As explained above, with so many built-in options and plugins available to tweak and make changes, it ultimately will result in a site and blog that will be very easy to navigate without losing the overall control. This in turn will result in maximum readability and keep attention of the user for a longer time. It does mean lesser bounce rate and hence helps increase search engine rankings and more traffic.

High Performance and Fast Page Load of Thesis Theme Based Blogs and Sites

Sites and blogs created with thesis would generally will be very fast to load and one doesn’t have to unnecessary bother about the performance part. As we all know faster sites are always search engine’s favorite and hence get more priority than others which are loading slowly. This will also in turn affect the bounce rate because many times a user closes the site and doesn’t prefer to go any further if the first page load is taking indefinite time. However, one must ensure and take caution while installing plugins so as (1) you don’t install too many plugins (2) you don’t install plugin which are themselves are quite heavy.

Although there are many add-on plugins available to further enhance the SEO of your thesis site but I can safely say that you will be far much better than many others even if you are not using any add-on SEO plugin for your thesis blog because you don’t really need any additional SEO plugin with thesis.

thesis best seo optimized wordpress theme

Above are just few of the reasons or features of Thesis theme that make it best seo optimized wordpress theme.

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