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Weekly Tech News Roundup [Top Updates & New Launches]

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Past week has seen many new gadget launches including the much awaited Nokia Pureview 808 with 41 MP camera. Social Networking site Facebook has made to the headlines for two bad reasons – one, losing its CTO Bret who is the man behind Open Graph and another losing $10 Million in a lawsuit over users rights violation in Sponsored Stories ads product. In lieu of security threats, Facebook has started collecting mobile and phone numbers of its 900 Million users to provide them with an extra security. Our good old email provider Hotmail is changing to Newmail, of course to fight the ever increasing competition from Gmail. Even, Apple has decided to take its fight with Google on the next level by replacing Google maps with its own map apps and replacing Google plus network with Facebook with new features in its iOS6.

The week has seen some cool and quite interesting mobile apps launches. This include the one patient management apps for doctors and other to stop illegal frisking by police officers in New York.

Also read below, what was trending during the week on Twitter, Google search and YouTube.

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Microsoft Revamps Hotmail to Beat the Competition from Gmail [Newmail]

Hotmail which is supposed to be one of the oldest and still largest email provider in the world is getting revamped. The total number of users for Hotmail still stand largest at 360 Millions. However, offlate, it has got biggest threat from Google’s Gmail which is growing at a faster pace than Hotmail. Gmail has grown from 260 Millions users base to around 350 Millions now which is very close to Hotmail. To safeguard themselves from losing more users to Gmail, Microsoft has decided to give Hotmail a new cleaner look which resembles quite closely with Gmail. Company has decided to give it a new name as well which will be Newmail. However, users will still have the email address ending with @hotmail.com. Newmail will only be used as the name of the service.


Facebook’s CTO Quits to Start New Company

Facebook’s chief technical officer Bret Taylor who has “Open graph” to one of his accomplishments, has decided to leave the company. As per Bret, he will be launching a new company along with his friend Kevin Gibbs. However, he has not yet disclosed anything about what his new venture is going to be all about. Bret is also responsible for some other great works like Facebook camera and integration with Apple gadgets.

Facebook's chief technical officer Bret Taylor

Facebook’s “Sponsored Stories” Ads Makes the Company to Lose $10 Million

Facebook’s advertisement product “Sponsored Stories” has made company lose $10 Million in a lawsuit. The site is supposed to have violated users rights in terms of not giving an option to opt out. These five users have alleged that Facebook had used their names, photos and likes without their knowledge or to say, without giving them a way to opt out.

A “Sponsored Story” is an advertisement that appears on a member’s Facebook page and generally consists of another friend’s name, profile picture and an assertion that the person “likes” the advertiser.

facebook to pay $10 million lawsuit

Facebook Asking for Users Mobile or Phone Numbers

Facebook, in yet another attempt to increase the security for their users accounts have started asking about the mobile numbers of their more than 900 Million users. This move is a result of recent hacking attempts on many social networking sites including Linkedin. Facebook itself has been a victim of massive hackers attacks in the past.

facebook asks for users mobile numbers

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Facebook Exchange to Allow Real-Time Bidding on Ad Prices

Facebook has launched Facebook exchange – a technology that allows users for real-time bidding on ad prices. The technology is already being used by Google and various other online ad networks. The cost in this will be based on cost per thousands views and targeting of ads will be more effective as it will make use of browsing history.


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Twitter Launches Expanded Tweets (Preview) and an App for Sports Lovers

Twitter has launched a special preview feature which enables the users to see the expanded tweets without clicking the links. This means, now you should be able to see the embedded videos, pics and content without actually clicking the link provided.


A San Francisco startup has launched a special application for twitter which enables the sports lovers to get all the real-time updates as the game progresses. This is a good app for people who loves to read on what’s going on in the game rather than listen.

twitter apps for sports lovers

Google to Pay $ 18.7 Million for New Domain Suffixes

Google has paid $ 18.7 to apply to get the new domain suffixes. These new suffixes include .love, .google, .youtube, .goog and .plus. There are many more suffixes for which Google might have to fight with other to get them like – Microsoft for .docs and .live, Johnson & Johnson for .baby and Amazon for 17 top-level domains: .wow, .search, .shop, .drive, .free, .game, .mail, .map, .movie, .music, .play, .shop, .show, .spot, .store, .talk and .you.

Britain TEC Beyond Dot-Com

ICANN which is the authority to approve such domain suffixes has set the application fee as high as $185,000 per name.

Apple to Replace Google Maps on iPhone

Apple who has been using Google Maps on its iPhones as a core apps ever since the launch of iPhone in 2007 has decided to replace it with its own map applications. Apple and Google have been in fight over many issues – one of which includes – apple accusing Google of ripping off many of its iPhone features in Google’s Motorola phones which are seen as an alternative to iPhones.


In yet another plan, Apple is replacing Google Plus social network with Facebook in iOS6. They even plan to introduce new features like updating the Facebook status by talking to phone.

Gadgets Launch

HTC One S with Dual Core Processor

HTC One S with 1.7 GHz dual core S3 processor has been launched in India at a price of Rs. 33000. Other features of this HTC smartphone includes 8MP rear camera and front camera, 1 GB of RAM and 4.3 inch AMOLED qHD display. With thickness of 7.8mm, it is supposed to be the thinnest phone by the company till date. The phone runs on Android 4 OS.

HTC One S with Dual Core Processor

Idea ID 918 – Dual SIM GSM Smartphone Launched at Price Rs. 5994

Leading telecom operator Idea cellular has launched a GSM Dual-SIM smartphone ID 918. This is priced at Rs. 5994. To lure the customers, company has launched the phone with free 3G packages and recharges which are worth Rs. 2340. The phone runs on Android 2.3 and has 3.2 MP camera. With a total RAM of 512 MB, the phone has GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN, USB, Bluetooth for connectivity.

Idea ID 918 – Dual SIM GSM Smartphone

Motorola Razr Maxx Coming on June 24 in India

Motorola Razr Maxx smartphone is getting launched at a price of Rs. 31999 in India. The phone is expected to be made available in India from June 24th. It has 1.2 GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor with Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. The phones comes with a 3300 mAH battery which gives a stand-by time of 607 hours approx and talk time of more than 17 hours.

The phone is expected to give a close competition to HTC and its one series phones.

Motorola Razr Maxx

Nokia Pureview 808 – A 41 MP Camera Smartphone

Nokia has finally launched the much awaited Nokia Pureview 808 which is a 41 MP camera smartphone. The phone has been launched at a price of Rs. 33,899. It has a 4 inch wide screen and runs on Symbian Belle OS. The phone’s 41 MP camera fitted with Carl Zeiss lenses promises high quality images in any weather conditions. It also has full HD 1080p video recording. It has single core 1.3Ghz microprocessor but there is a separate processor for the camera functions which is the USP of this phone. As a matter of fact, it is being seen primarily as a camera with phone functions.


Mobile Apps

Vbond Vita – Patient Management Mobile App for Doctors

Idea Brahma Consulting Pvt. Ltd, an intellectual property (IP) development and licensing firm focused on health and education has launched a patient management mobile apps for doctors. The application is named Vbond Vita and it offers almost all the major functions which could be needed as a part of patient management. Its features include accessing patients data and reports, scheduling appointments, billing, automatic alerts and messaging and even digital prescription. The application can be used on Android Mobile phones.

vbond vita mobile apps for doctors

Now, Mobile Apps to Watch and Report Stop-And-Frisk Abuse

For the first time, a mobile application has been launched to watch, document and report about stop-and-frisk abuse by police officers. The application is already available for android phones with an iPhone version to be launched soon. The Stop-And-Frisk apps is aimed at chronicle illegal stops, racial profiling and inappropriate searches by police officers in New York. This works in way that a single click of button can alert all of protestor’s contacts. It is an initiative of New York Civil Liberties Union.


Top Trends During the Week

Twitter Trending

The week’s top twitter trending topic worldwide  includes – Ray Bradbury, Happy Birthday Johnny Depp, Spiderman, RIP Facebook and Lady Gaga Song while one of the top trending topic in India included the Somnath Chatterjee.

Google Trends for the Week

Pirate Bay, French open, Apple, US Open Golf 2012, Rock of Ages, Niagara Falls and Father’s Day were some of the top search trends on Google during the past week. By the way, Google Trends has undergone a redesign with addition of images.


YouTube Trends

The videos that were seen trending during the week on YouTube were – iPhone 5 commercial, Google Play test, Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History Season, Piglantis for Angry Birds Seasons etc.

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