Website to Check the Stolen Status before buying a 2nd Hand Vehicle in India

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In India it is quite common that stolen vehicles like cars, bikes etc. are resold in the market after making some modifications to the original one. However, if you are planning to buy any second hand vehicle, then it is always better to know beforehand about its stolen status i.e. if it is stolen or not. It is because after you buy any second hand vehicle like car, you will not only held responsible but will also lose the money that you would have spent in buying it.


Motor Vehicle Coordination System Website to Check the Stolen Status of 2nd Hand Vehicle

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in India runs a website specially to make enquiries about vehicle’s stolen status. Website also helps to check the recovery status of your own vehicle which could have been stolen and you have filed a complaint filed already.

The website is named Motor Vehicle Coordination System and is a public service website owned and run by NCRB. You can access the website here.

You need to enter some mandatory information like type of vehicle, name, address, state and district. Also, you need to enter any one of the fields like vehicle make, vehicle registration number, engine number or chassis number.

If the information provided by you is correct and if it exist in their database, then clicking the submit button will bring up the information on the screen.

So, next time, when you plan to buy any 2nd hand car or bike, do visit the above site to ensure it is not stolen.

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