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Watch Life In a Day for Free – Movie about Single Day on Earth

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Life in a Day is a documentary film produced by National Geographic in association with YouTube. Its a story of the single day of earth – 24th July 2010. It has been shot by real common people worldwide and has been made into a full movie titled “Life In a Day”. It has been directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott.  It was a unique and historic cinematic experiment wherein thousands of people worldwide were asked to upload videos to YouTube. The only condition though was that it has to be about only a single day which was decided as 24th July 2010 for everyone. So, whatever you get to see in this movie or documentary film “Life in a Day” is related to and shot only on 24th July 2010 by the people worldwide.

Total of 80,000 entries were received from the people across 192 countries. This amounted to a total of 4500 hours of video footage. This was then edited and converted into a 90-minute documentary film /movie and was even released in theaters across the globe on 24th July 2011. However, now it is available for FREE viewing on YouTube channel as mentioned below.





Watch Life in a Day Trailer and Full Movie (Free on YouTube)

Watch Life in a Day movie trailer below;

Watch life in a day movie trailer–24th July 2010–Single Day


Click here to watch the full movie – Life in a Day – 24th July 2010.

On the above YouTube channel, you can even explore different shots of the movie based on tags like loving, eating, sad, funny, happy, nervous. You can even filter it based on countries where the shot was taken and submitted from.

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