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Voxer App is Walkie Talkie Application for Android and iPhone [Review]

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If you have an android powered phone or iPhone, then this piece of news about Voxer app may be interesting for you. There are loads of applications that are uploaded in the app store. So, how would you know which application would really work? A new application that has become popular in the app market is Voxer app. It lets you send instant audio and text messages. Before you conclude anything, let me inform you, Voxer app is different from other applications like Whatsapp. Read the complete Voxer app review below to understand how does voxer work.

voxer app review works on android iphone

What is Voxer App and How Does Voxer works on iPhone and Android phone [Review]

Voxer app is like a walkie-talkie application for smart phones like android and Iphone. The application lets you send photo and audio messages on instant basis. The application streams live messages, so your friends can join you live. Voxer app is like push to talk service that provides instant access. Voxer app has already caught up on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. It has become a popular application for Iphone users. It is fast picking up amongst android smart phone users as well.

Download Voxer App for Android and iPhone

The process of downloading the Voxer app is simple. Go to the app store of your phone and download it from there (click here for android and here for iPhone version). Create sync before you download the application from the app store for both the smart phones. The Voxer app is available for android and Iphone. There is bar code you can use for downloading both the application from the app store.

Voxer Application is available with facebook sync. After downloading the application, log in from your facebook account. Chat with your facebook contacts and friends. Create a group and add your friends for chatting.

Voxer application has a text style interface, which is user friendly. It lets you hold the talk button and record the message. Simply send across the message to your friend, so everything is on instant basis. Listen live to any message.

On the application, Voxer’s vice president stated, “Services like Voxer rely on network effect. We have seen a surge in downloads since the launch of application on Iphone and android. This android Voxer app could pass Iphone within the next few months.”

The Voxer app is definitely a boon for people who are always on the go. You can simply send and receive audio messages without any trouble shooting. The Voxer app works well with Wi-Fi and 3G. However, this also depends on the phone.

Voxer text message “I sent you a message on Voxer” [solution]

Voxer text message or SMS “I sent you a message on Voxer” is just a standard invitation message which ask you to join your friends on Voxer. Its an auto-populated text and there is nothing to worry about. Once you have downloaded the voxer app (for android or iphone), you will be able to find the friend who sent you the invite and you will then be able to vox with them.

How to get more friends on Voxer for Android

You can find and add more friends on Voxer for app simply by searching the directory. If you are unable to find your friends by name in the voxer directory, they must have got privacy mode enabled. In that case, you can try searching with email id.

Click here to know how to get more friends on Voxer for Android.

How to Add more friends on Voxer for iPhone

Click here to see the tutorial on how to add more friends on Voxer for iPhone.


Hope, you find the above Voxer app review quite useful.

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12 Thoughts to “Voxer App is Walkie Talkie Application for Android and iPhone [Review]”

  1. Xiggie

    The only reason this app is trending is because as soon as you sign up it sends message to your contacts saying they sent you a message. People thinking they got some sort of message waiting for them sign up for Voxer and all their contacts are being sent messages. Whether or not this is a good app I will never install it because of their underhanded tactics.

    1. Thanx Xiggie for your comment and feedback.

  2. Voxer Talkie-Walkie PTT apk

    Voxer is so freaking insane! Haven’t had any real problems.. Hope it gets even better!

  3. DaS

    Actually I started using Voxer and you have to invite your friends for it to send a text, it won’t do it automatically at all. I selected the two people I really wanted to invite, and only them received the message. Just like I wanted.

    1. Thanx for the feedback, Das

  4. rob

    great app but deleted it due to battery drain

  5. Jacob

    Many thanks for adding information on how to add more friends on voxer.

  6. William

    Voxer app for android is a cool walkie talkie application. Have just downloaded it. Thanks for providing a nice voxer review. Moreover, it also helped me know how does voxer work. However, I could not yet download voxer app for iphone. Will do so soon and provide my feedback for voxer for iphone.

    1. Thanx William for your comment. After you have downloaded Voxer app, you can add more friends on voxer and vox with them.

  7. Kate

    I got SMS “i sent you a message on voxer“. Please let me know what could it mean and how to resolve this problem.

    1. Kate – Have added the information which you are looking for.

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