Viggle Mobile Apps: Get Rewards for Watching TV

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For self-proclaimed television obsessives, a new app could make all those hours of viewing even more worthwhile. Viggle is a loyalty program for Android, iPhone, iPad or iTouch users that recognizes shows you’re watching in order to rack up points redeemable for real prizes. Get rewarded for watching TV? Sounds like a dream come true.

viggle rewards for watching tv

How Viggle Works

Viggle works similar to music recognition technology like Shazam. When you open the app, Viggle recognizes the show and starts the clock. Every once in a while, users have to “check in” to remind the app that you are still watching. Every minute with a show garners one point and those points can then be redeemed for real prizes from stores like Starbucks, Best Buy and Old Navy. For example, 9,000 points can get you a $5 Facebook credit and 50,000 points gets you a $25 Best Buy gift card.

To increase your point gain, Viggle offers interactive quizzes or games related to shows that can get you double points for playing. Watching sponsored trailers or featured shows also gets you extra points and the app can set reminders so you never miss out on point bonuses. Additionally, magazines or online stores offer points for making purchases through them. Some of these sites include flower shops or coupon sites like Groupon, so if you already visit these places for purchases, it would be useful to earn the points as well. This app is sponsored by users’ willingness to view (and follow) the advertisements, and although the task may seem bothersome, the rewards are legitimate.

The Rewards

Most rewards are offered as eGift Cards or website memberships so they are easy to access once your points are traded in. However, there currently isn’t an update page that alerts users to how long certain prizes will be available or what new ones are coming in; meaning what you’re working for could be there one day and disappear the next.

As with most TV viewing apps, Viggle connects to social media sites making it easy to see what others are posting on Facebook and Twitter, or make your own posts. Viggle also links to IMDb or Wikipedia for quick facts about the shows you’re watching.

App Concerns

Although the app seems to work most of the time, it’s still in its infancy with only being on version 1.1, which has led some users to complain about the app not being able to recognize shows or having issues logging in. Generally, however, iTunes users have raved about getting paid to watch TV.

Ideal Viggle Users [Download]

The app is great for those already TV addicts or the curious watcher that is looking for new shows to get sucked into. Being rewarded for knowing your show history during pop quizzes or watching upcoming trailers isn’t a bad deal either. The colourful app is easy to navigate with simple options and bold print, unlike other TV enhancement apps that have too many functions to count. And if you weren’t convinced yet, the app is free to download (Android version & iPhone version) and use. What could make it better?

Have you tried Viggle yet?

Above is a guest post by Justin. Justin is a sports, marketing and tech enthusiast. When not in the stands watching University of Utah football you can find him writing and blogging for USDish.

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