Using Google Rich Snippet to increase the Click Through Rate

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Lets see and understand site’s click through rate based on how do we search and click on Google. When we type a search query into search box in Google, Google brings up the search results page. We just go through the entries listed on search results page and based on somewhat description that appears on that results page, we decide which ones to click. In other words, that brief description about the site can make a user to click or not to click. Rich Snippet is nothing but an extension of the same wherein apart from the brief description there is some additional information is made available to the users right on the search results page which can help users to find which ones are most relevant to their search query and hence they click only those results. This helps increasing click through rate for your site. For example, check out the below search results page of “pizza restaurants review” search. You can see the additional information provided above the description – number of reviews, rating, price range etc. This information being displayed is a result of implementing rich snippet on that website. Obviously, when a user finds this additional information in the results, he/she will tend to click this as this is providing more relevance to his search and user can expect to get what he/she is searching for. This helps giving a boost to site’s click through rate.


Type of Sites that can implement Google Rich Snippets

 Currently, only following type of sites can make use of rich snippets tool;

  • Review
  • People
  • Events
  • Products
  • Recipes
  • Business and Organizations
  • Events
  • Local Prayer Times

Out of the above, Local Prayer Times has been introduced quite recently. Since, the above type of sites follow and present data in more structured way, these have been included to make use of rich snippets. May be, more types of sites will be included in the time to come.

How to Implement Google Rich Snippets to Increase Click Through Rate

Implementing rich snippets is marking up structured HTML using any of the formats – Microformats, Microdata, RDFa. Just a basic HTML knowledge is all what you need to make use of this. You just need to wrap up your existing web page data within some additional tags.

 You can check out the documentation for implementing this on your site.

 Once you have implemented this, you can test out the same here.

 Once rich snippets has been implemented, Google will discover it in the next crawl. However, as with other tools, Google doesn’t guarantee  that and it may take up quite a more amount of time. Another interesting point is marking up your data for the purpose of rich snippets doesn’t affect your page’s ranking in search results directly. But, since it helps increasing your site’s click through rate, it may ultimately give positive results to your site’s search engine rankings as well.

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