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Use Twitter Hashtags to Increase Website Traffic and Followers

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Not many people understand what about twitter hashtags and how a hashtag can help a blogger and website owners to increase the traffic to their twitter profile and hence ultimately to their blogs and websites. First of all, twitter hashtags or a hashtag in a tweet is nothing but a word which has a symbol hash (#) prefixed to it e.g. #twitterfollowbutton, #googlemaps. These hashtags act as a search keyword for that particular tweet and hence helps twitter users in finding your tweet faster than others who don’t have a hashtag in it.


How to use twitter hashtags

Let us understand this with the following tweets;

google panda effect impacted many high ranking sites.

Above is a normal tweet without twitter hashtags. Now, let us see the same tweet with a hashtag.

google panda effect impacted many high ranking sites. #googlepanda #googleranking

In the second tweet above, we are conveying the same message as first one except we have added two words “googlepanda” and “googleranking” with hash (#) symbol prefixed. Even though the message being conveyed is same and with the exactly same words but second tweet will be far easier to find when any one tries to search. Anyone trying to search with the keyword googlepanda or googleranking will be able to easily  find the second tweet than the first one. Hence, more number of visitors reaching and reading your tweets and profile. This will obviously help you to get twitter followers and will ultimately lead to large number of visitors to your website or blog.

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So, next time when you go and tweet about anything, just ensure to tweet with a hashtags and then see the difference in traffic. However, please do ensure to follow twitter’s guidelines on the same and don’t try to abuse this feature. Many people have got their accounts blocked due to excessive misuse of hashtags feature. Hashtags should always be relevant to the message you are tweeting and you should not try to put too many hashtags in a single tweet. Currently, there is a limit of maximum 3 hashtags in a single tweet, however, you should always refer and check with twitter’s latest guideline on the same so that you don’t intentionally or un-intentionally violates the same.

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Do share your feedback on this #twitterhashtags post. 🙂

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4 Thoughts to “Use Twitter Hashtags to Increase Website Traffic and Followers”

  1. Awesome trick Maninder. Before reading this article i was not using # tag in my tweets but know i will use this feature and hope that i will get more traffic.

    1. Thanx Mohsin that you liked it.

  2. Thanks I have been using twitter since it came out, but really haven’t had the time to discover the simple tricks to getting more traffic.

    1. Thanx Benjamin. Good to know that it helped you.

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