Unlock The Permanently Locked Android

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An android user Disha Mathur,  marketing professional from Chandigarh says that she is quite frustrated regarding her android phone-lock because she usually forgets that what pattern or code she has set on his phone. “I have to pay 200-500 almost after every two months. I really want to get rid of this or I would wish to learn the secret of encoding my phone”, she adds

Another android user Swayam Kochar also share his problem regarding the unlock system in the android phones. He says, “My 3 year old son used to play with my phone. Innocently he always enters a wrong unlock pattern and many times I have to send my phone in Samsung phone center to unlock my phone. This wastes my time and my money too. Although I can’t deny my son to play with my phone and becomes helpless in this situation.”

Almost every person wishes to learn the encoding of pattern system. Today many android users use the inbuilt pattern or code to ensure the security of their phone. It is very easy to use this system but sometimes after making some wrong attempts it locked permanently; after that you need to enter the user id that he has made in Google play store to unlock the phone. But then also it requires the internet connection and unfortunately the person has to go in the phone care center and has to spend his money.

Unlock the permanently locked android yourself and save your money

Now here is a simple solution to this problem and you just need to follow these steps:
1.     When your phone get permanently locked. Just switch off your and wait till the system stops working.
2.    First click the UP Volume key and hold it for a second.
3.    Then click on the home button and hold it.
4.    And at last press the power button, release the button after it started.
5.    Now you can see that you enter in the ‘secret’ android menu you have never seen it before.
6.    Go to the third option named as DELETE ALL USER DATA.
7.    It will take some time after that the phone will be restarted and the unlock pattern problem will be solved.

Note:  Your all data will be erased in the phone such as apps and messages.

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