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Seems like every social networking site, is taking ideas from facebook. The new layout of Twitter looks like it is inspired by facebook. So, is twitter truly going the facebook way. There are lots of changes made in the new twitter design and home page. The home page looks similar to the facebook page. So, what are those changes? Read on to know more.


Features of Twitter’s  New Facebook Style Design [Connect, Discover, Me, Tweet Tabs]

The time line and navigation pages have changed. There was an activity tab in the page, which is now the connect tab. This is more like a personal communication. This would help in reply and retweet with a single tab.

The new design of twitter has different groups. The main page is the home page. Then you have the connect group and me group. The discover tab is also new in the redesign of twitter. The new design is for the main site of twitter. However, you can expect similar changes in the twitter application of iPhone and android.

Hashtags function is now replaced with the discover tag in twitter. Discover tab would let you personalize all the information and inputs in the site.

There have been changes in the photo tab of twitter. Previously, photos were easy to tweet and manage but with links. You could view the photos through abbreviated link. However, now all the photos you post in twitter would be a part of your tweet.

Do you know about Facebook photo apps?

The photo would appear as a part of your message in twitter. This would also depend on your home page and posting. One click will now help you to open all the photos instantly. There would be no external links of the photo hosting service.

Twitter’s director has his say regarding the new design. He says, “We have realized tweets are important, they are articles, photos, and videos. We know all our users want to see all the content at one place. With our new design, we have shown all our tweets as complete packages. He further added that we wanted people should express themselves more on twitter.”

The new profile page of twitter has been redesigned to give the site a new feel like facebook. The photo and profile have been centrally placed in the website. However, the changes would be more visible in the coming year. With this move, you can expect many users to shift from other networking sites to twitter.

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