How to Track Train’s Location and Reduce Waiting Time [Indian Railway]

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Here is a big respite to all the passengers of Indian Railways who have had horrible experience of waiting for the delayed trains endlessly. Indian Railway’s website has got a big technological makeover with additions of new features as well as performance improvements. Now, you can track your train’s exact location and arrival time and can reduce your waiting period. Delayed trains is a very common phenomenon with Indian railways. However, what makes it worst is – the endless waiting sitting at the stations with all of your luggage. You know the real torture and pain you have to undergo if you are travelling with your family, elderly and kids. But, now, by knowing the exact location and arrival time of your train, you can at least afford to keep waiting at your home rather than having a tiring experience of sitting and waiting at the stations.

Tracking Train’s Exact Location and Arrival Time [Indian Railways]

Below is how you can track train’s exact location and arrival time via The site is still in beta and is expected to be launched formally within next few days;

Go to


Search for the desired Train

First of all, you need to search for the desired and specific train. For this, enter one of the following in the search box (depending upon what information you have with you related to the train)

  • Train Number (5 digits).
  • Train Name.
  • From and To Station codes /names.
  • Intermediate station name.

Select the appropriate  search result.

Based on the entered information, you will get to see the search results. Select the appropriate one.

Select the  Exact Train Based on Start Date

Select the exact train to seek further information based on – start date from the starting station, previous and next stops.

Train Status Details – Exact Location, Arrival Time, Last Updated Time

  • Now, it will fetch and display all the below details about the train;
  • Current status – delayed, on time, already reached destination etc.
  • Current Location  (this is actually last location at the time of updating) and last updated time.
  • Next stops (two) along with expected time of arrival.
  • Previous stoppages (two) and the departure time from there.

The website has been refined and improved to take care of the above new features. It is expected to be accessible from smartphones and tablet devices as well.

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