Top 5 Tips to Protect Your iPhone from Hackers

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iPhone is nothing less than a computer as it allows you to do just everything which you can do with your normal computer. In fact, it has even more extra features which were not there in some earlier computer models. So, obviously, iPhone just like a computer will also be prone to hacking risks. There are certain features which only increases the hacking risks and make iPhone a hacker’s favorite. Increasing popularity of iPhone only helping hackers do their job well with more and more new people buying and using iPhone. Another major factor which helps hackers is the fact that due to iPhone being a latest addition to the gadgets, many people either don’t know as yet enough about the hacking risks or may even be careless assuming the iPhone to be totally free from hacking risks. However, let me reiterate that iPhone is as prone to hacking risks as any other gadgets and one should take enough precautions to understand the hacking risks and prevent them before hackers could harm your device.


Always Lock your iPhone with Passcode

Keeping your iPhone locked with a password is the best and simplest way to protect it from hackers. Not only that it will prevent any one from picking up your iPhone and looking through it but it will also make the data encrypted. However, data encryption may not apply to all applications.

Switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

When not in use, you should switch off Wi-Fi connectivity on your iPhone as Wi-Fi makes iPhone quite vulnerable to hackers. You can still, however, get all the push email and other notifications through 3G. In the same way, you should always keep Bluetooth switched off on your iPhone when not in use as it also increases the hacking risks.

Don’t Allow iPhone to remember passwords

It is one of those very common feature which many people use quite carelessly without understanding the risk. Remember password is a feature which allows you to save the entered password after using it once for a particular application or website. Many users find it a great feature as it helps them doing their job faster and with less effort as you don’t have to type the password again and again to access the application. However, for the same reason, it has become hackers favorite as they always have been looking for ways to somehow either get the password or could get direct access to the applications. It is always better to not to allow iPhone to remember passwords specially from wireless networks. Hacker would just need to simulate the trusted network and could get access to the application. It is always better to enter the passwords manually always even when it require some extra effort and time on your part.

Don’t ever click an unknown link

Always try to avoid clicking the unknown links in your emails and websites that you access as it may provide hackers a direct access to your iPhone. Always try to access the websites by typing the name of the URL yourself.

Keep a close watch on SMS attacks /virus

You may call it as some sort of SMS virus or may even assume this be a security flaw, but important thing to consider is that your SMS can be a boon to the hackers when it comes to hacking iPhones. Hackers generally try to send the SMS to the iPhone concerned with some special characters in the SMS message like one small square character or something similar to that (it could even be series of such characters). All this does is crashes your iPhone and hackers simply gets access to your device automatically. The worst part is and what makes this as most vulnerable is that you don’t even have to do anything with the SMS /text message. Simply receiving such message on your iPhone can do all the harm. So, the only way to save your iPhone is to switch off your iPhone as soon as you notice any such character in your SMS /text message.

Always keep your iPhone updated

There is no better and simple way to protect your iPhone from hacking and virus attacks but to always keep it up to date with all the latest updates installed. Mostly, updates are released with some new and updated extra security features to counter the security and virus risks prevalent at that time. So, keeping your iPhone up to date with all the latest updates will help you a lot in protecting it from hackers and viruses.

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Hope, you will find all the above 5 tips (+1 bonus tip) quite useful in protecting your iPhone from hackers. Do share if you are adopting any other methods to minimize the hacking risks.

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