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Top 15 Best Funny Applications for Android Phone

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How about having some enjoyment with free Best funny applications for android phones ? There are many great fun applications in android phone, which are funny and entertaining at the same time. So, are you aware of those applications yet? Well, if not then read on to know more about the top funny applications for android. Some of these funny android applications could be paid but still worth for money. Using these funny android apps, you could make yourself and your friends enjoy by playing with images, maths tricks, get to read funny facts, interesting to see pictures, dancing, ringtones and many others.

List of Best Funny Apps for Android Phones

Although, there are plenty of then but we have listed top 15 best funny applications for Android smarphones. Most of these can be downloaded for FREE.

Funny Facts Free 8000+ for Android

If you want to kill some time and gain some knowledge, then download the funny facts application from android market. The application has more than 8000 interesting facts, which cover science, world record, and human body.

funny facts 8000  free fun applications for android phones

Fun Math Tricks Application for Android

This funny applications for android is great for math lovers. It has more than twenty-five different math tricks and math puzzles. It is a paid application, but definitely an interesting one.

math tricks fun apps android phone

Lol Pics  (Free Fun Applications for Android Phones)

As the application name suggests, the application LOL Pics has more than 200 funny pics. The application is updated on daily basis. The application lets you enjoy and make you laugh at the same time. This funny applications for android is free for download.


Funny Skeleton Dancing

Want to amaze your friends with funny Skelton dancing, then this free fun apps for Android phones would be great. This fun applications for android has live wallpaper and free to download. Animated dancing Skelton will surely tickle your funny bones.


Fun Camera Apps to Give Special Affects

Fun camera adds some interesting effects to pictures. The free version has limited photo effects. With the pro version, there are more than 30 fun photo effects.


Android Fun Ring Tones

The application has some funny and cool ringtones that can be used for fun. The ring tones are bifurcated in different categories. This fun applications for android phones can be downloaded free.


Image Faker

This is another fun applications for android, which can be downloaded free from market. The application lets you create cool effects and images. All the pictures can be uploaded on facebook and messenger.


Fun Fart Sound

Want to play a prank on friends, then this application would be interesting. There are different fart sounds in the application to make fun. Go ahead and download it for free to amaze your friends.



The application is fun as you can cut short your favorite tune or a song to make it a ringtone. It is a free fun applications for android that is updated automatically.


Talking Tom Cat

Talking applications have become favorites in the market. Talking Tom cat application is the most popular fun applications for android and is free to download.


Spin the Bottle Game Android

The application can be used at party or for playing games. The application can be used for truth or dare game. Spin the bottle is fun, and can be downloaded free from android market.


Steamy Window App for Screen

Want to play with effects; this is the best fun application. The screen steams up with effects, and when you wipe it, it is cleared. The application also supports the water drop feature. It can be downloaded free from market.


Blow Blow

Like whistling, then this application is perfect. The application supports different whistle features. Simply select the whistle and blow it in microphone and it produces the real whistle sound. This one is a free application.



The application is great, if you like the pinwheel. You can blow in the microphone and make the wheel spin. It gives a cool effect; the application can be downloaded free from app market.


Sandroid Heat (Science Apps)

Well, if you like to experiment with science, this is the best application. It lets you experiment with temperature of objects of heat and water. The application is free for download from Android market place.


Go ahead and have fun with all the above application. You will never get bored of your phone now.

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Where to Download the Free Best Funny Applications for Android Phone

Here is the link to download fun android apps for free from Google play aka Android market:

Hope you will download and enjoy these fun applications for android mobile phone.

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