Top 15 Best Battery Life Saver Apps for Android

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Best and easy Battery saver apps for android are the applications that help you extend the life of your battery of your android mobiles. Battery saver apps may work in a way that it may switch off applications, software and functions that consume the most of battery life. This switching off either may happen automatically or just at a click of a button so as not to consume much of battery in mere using the battery saver apps. There is not just one but many battery saver apps are available which you can download and use to save the battery life. In this post, we will talk about the batter saver apps for Android phones. Some of these battery saver apps are free while others are paid. These battery saver apps are the best of all the apps available for android today because we have considered and reviewed only the apps which are at least 4 star rating holder. Some of these are easy battery saver, one touch battery saver, juice defender and many more.

One Touch Battery Saver Apps for Android

One touch battery saver apps for android saves the battery life by turning the battery saving mode. In battery saving mode, it switch off the applications like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, light, ringtone, vibration and synchronization. It just needs to be tapped to bring it to battery saver mode. This is a free apps.


Doctor Battery saver+a task killer

Doctor battery saver apps is a task killer which help you to kill the running tasks easily and quickly and hence help you extend battery life. Doctor battery saver apps even help you to reset your phone easily. It also displays quite a lot of information related to the usage of battery on the screen. This includes battery health and temperature, remaining talk time etc. You can download this for free.


JuiceDefender – Extend battery life of Android Phone

JuiceDefender battery saver helps you to keep power consumption under control by disabling the connectivity of specific apps and synchronization activities. So you can always extend the battery life with JuiceDefender. What’s more, this free battery saver apps has already been downloaded more than 5 million times.


Easy Battery Saver+Task Killer

Easy battery saver and a task killer is a free android apps to increase the battery life by more than 50%.  Easy Battery Saver increases battery life by intelligently dealing with phone’s network connectivity, screen time out and screen brightness. What’s more, the considerable sleep schedule setting will save your battery when you are sleeping.


Battery Booster – Paid Apps that supports Android 3.x Honeycomb Tablets

With Battery Booster, you can always boost your battery’s running time and max the battery life. This apps has a free and a paid ad-free version. The paid ad-free version cost just 0.99 USD. It supports the Android 3.x Honeycomb tablets.


Battery Defender-Battery Saver

Battery Defender is a free alternative to JuiceDefender when it comes to saving battery life. It works to disable the WiFi and Data connectivity when you turn off the screen. You can also configure it such that it automatically disables all the data connectivity and other battery consuming tasks when you go to sleep.


2x Battery – Saver Apps

With this free battery saver apps, you don’t need to manually toggle Mobile data anymore. Using this app, it saves the power consumption and reduces your data plan cost by periodically toggling Mobile data in standby mode. With this app, you can extend the battery life easily, and still keep the background data synchronization.


Green Power battery saver

Green Power battery saver is available in free as well as premium paid version. The application developer claims it to be faster than JuiceDefender. Green Power battery saver is fully automatic and after configuring once, it manages all the tasks by itself and saves the battery.

It supports both GSM and CDMA and Android Froyo and Gingerbread.


BatteryFu battery saver

BatteryFu increases battery life by changing the  always-on mobile data to periodic sync  and hence gives up to 4 days of battery life. It is equally great for tablet use to keep accounts sync’d when the tablet is in sleep/standby, even if WiFi goes to sleep due to WiFi sleep policy.


Battery Stretch – Paid Android Apps to Extend battery life

Battery Stretch is a paid battery saver apps which seems to work like most of other free battery life enhancer applications i.e. by turning off the high battery consuming tasks like WiFi , connectivity etc when you turn off the screen. The Battery stretch apps keep working in the background so that you can bring it to work as quickly as possible. However, since most of other free battery saver apps are already providing similar or even more functionality, spending money to buy this doesn’t seem that fruitful option.


Advanced Task Killer

Advanced task killer is actually a solution to easily and quickly kill tasks. However, since tasks consumer battery and there are some which are supposed to be battery killer. So killing such tasks will indirectly help you to extend battery life.  But since, this application has not been developed as a mere battery life enhancer, you will not find any automated settings to kill and manage the high battery consuming tasks. You may have to do that mostly manually.


WIFI Power Saver

WiFi supposed to be the one of the biggest battery consumer task. Hence, disabling the WiFi when not needed can save you a hell lot of battery life. Sometimes, it may even mean to double the battery life. Automatic turning off the Wifi is exactly this WiFi power saver apps does. It automatically detects when you lose connection to the WiFi and not using it. So it immediately turn off the WiFi to save the battery life. You can even choose the WiFi timeout setting after which this apps will take it as to turn off the WiFi automatically.


Y5 – Battery Saver

Y5 battery saver again works to save battery life by automatically switching off the WiFi. However, the only difference between Y5 battery saver and other apps is that it remembers the WiFi locations where you have already used. So it switches off the WiFi at unknown locations while turning it on at the known locations where you have used the WiFi earlier.


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PowerMax (Paid Application with Trial Version available)

PowerMax battery saver apps is the most easy to use in way that it keep the On/Off switch on the main screen. So, as soon as you notice battery drainage, you can activate PowerMax just by clicking the switch ON and it will automatically closes all the high battery consuming tasks. Once you deactivate, it will being the mobile back to normal settings.  It’s a paid application. However, the trial version of the PowerMax application is also available which you can use to evaluate it for one week.


Screebl Lite – Save Power

Screebl Lite is the only application that works to save battery life based on phone’e orientation.  Hence, this free apps controls the phone’s screen based on orientation and helps in saving the battery too.


Download Above Best and Easy Battery Saver Apps for Android

You can download any of the above mentioned battery saver apps for android from the android market place.

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Please be warned that some hacker or malware are using battery saver apps to get access into the user’s android devices. Though, the above battery saver apps have been listed after a thorough research and checking about their review, rating and credibility, still we can not take guarantee if any of them is actually misusing the applications control to breach the security. However, so far the application named Battery Doctor has been reported to be getting the access into user’s address book and other details. So, please take caution.

Hope, you liked the review of top best and easy battery saver apps for android and would have found one suitable for your needs.

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