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Top 10 New WordPress Themes For 2012

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If you own a wordpress blog, then there are many themes to choose from. The choice of themes also depends on the type of blog you own. The best part of wordpress blog themes is customization. Depending on the theme of the blog, you can choose a wordpress theme. The free version of word press does not support many themes. However, with the paid version, you can get a good choice for themes. WordPress introduces new themes and versions. This gives an advantage over other free blog websites. To know more about the latest themes in wordpress, continue reading.

Pronto theme – New WordPress Theme for 2012

The theme is perfect for blogs and magazines; it has many cool features that can be customized. The theme has different options like home page, categories. It also has the recent post widget category. The theme has flicker support feature, it helps you to post all the pictures. The theme has separate author page and supports the new version of wordpress 3.3.

Pronto theme - New WordPress Theme for 2012

Marolitios magazine theme

The theme looks beautiful with all the cool features. It has content slide builder with banner positions. It has different columns and page menus. It has a separate gallery with flicker widget for photo option. It has readme feature with gravatar option. The theme supports all the browsers and is compatible with the new wordpress version 3.3.

Marolitios magazine wordpress theme

Myst theme

This is the most interesting theme by wordpress. It has customized menu features. The feature lets you customize the background and thumbnail. The theme supports the sidebar and footer page in the main widget. There are many other features in the theme, which you can use according to your preference. It supports the wordpress 3.3 version.

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Lysa theme

It is an interesting theme that can be used for magazines. It supports huge color display choice. It supports different logo and thumbnail features. It supports the custom archive layout with an easy dropdown category. It also supports the widgets and bookmaking feature. There is a separate about me page, which can be used in theme. It supports the new version of wordpress.


Photom theme

The theme can be used, if you like photography. All the pictures and photos can be arranged in new designs. The theme is clear and uncluttered. It has an automatic auto arrange feature that lets you arrange pictures in minutes. There is a photo tagging option in the theme that can be used.



The theme can be used if you are using the wordpress blog for promotion and marketing. The theme has a search engine optimization feature. The theme is widget ready as it features individual menu styles. The best part about the theme is the menu capability and display pictures in the theme. It can be downloaded free; it also supports the new version of wordpress 3.3.


Designer theme

As the name suggests, the theme is beautifully designed to make it more attractive. The theme supports the about page along with different beautiful widgets. The theme supports the social networking feature that includes twitter and face book. Anything can be instantly updated through these features. The theme is html compatible and can be used with wordpress version 3.3.


Job press theme

The theme can be used for listing web blogs. The listing feature can be included for daily uploads. Many people use this for job listing website. It can also be used for the cooking theme blog. The theme supports customized menu style and post types. The theme can be used with the new version 3.3.


Basic theme

If you want your blog or webpage to look basic, then this theme would suit you well. It supports minimal side widgets, which include added pages and about page. The post you publish on the blog would be clear and transparent. The theme supports different sections and designs. It also has a thumbnail option panel.


Blaskan theme

The theme supports blog and magazine type layout. You can manage all your daily posts with the feature. It supports the post-tagging feature and other features that may be customized. It also supports the side widget feature. It can be downloaded free and is compatible with the new version of wordpress theme 3.3.


Evergreen only SEO Optimized WordPress theme – Thesis Theme

No, we are not saying that Thesis theme is a new theme in 2012 but we have still included thesis theme in this list as it is an evergreen theme and will bring you value for your money in any year you buy and use it. Thesis theme still continues to be the most user friendly and SEO optimized wordpress theme. A big majority of the bloggers world-wide making good revenue from their blogs use thesis theme. Thesis theme is also one theme quite suited for the newbie bloggers. It is because if you are a newbie blogger, then thesis will enable you to add new features and customizations without knowing much technically. What’s more, now you can buy and download thesis theme with 30 days money back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied then you can get full refund of your money within 30 days. Click here to buy and download thesis theme with 30 days money back guarantee.


Do use the above best free and paid new wordpress themes for 2012 and share if it helps you.

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