Top 10 Health and Fitness related Applications In Android

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Health and Fitness is the most important issue today. If you are worried about your health, then many Android applications can help you. Medical applications or health and Fitness applications might help to keep a tab on your overall health. Health and Fitness applications in Android can help in weight loss, sleeping problem, keeping fit with exercises, Acupressure etc  . Many people download applications that suggest tips for weight loss and many other aspects of health and fitness. So, it can be helpful. Health and Fitness applications in Android are available in free and paid version. To know more about the medical applications, read on.

Easy weight loss

Want to lose weight, then this application is for you. The application gives a complete synopsis on losing weight. The application supports video interviews and different audio sessions. The application has sport and exercise motivation feature that helps in process of weight loss. The application has animated pictures, which guide in weight loss. The application is available from the android market at Rs.235.73.

Easy weight loss android apps

Acupressure: Treat yourself

Suffering from pain, then this application may help to ease the pain. The application supports illustrated instructions of acupressure point massage that helps to relive pain. The application is ideal for pain relief and circulatory disorders. It also guides you, if you have any neck or back related pain. It is a perfect application for all your health problems. The application is available in android market for Rs.102.36.

Acupressure: Treat yourself android applications

Ayurveda book

If you like natural healing, then this is a perfect application. The application provides information related to different herbs with their healing power. It also shows the side effects on body. The application has more than 60 herbs with details. It is a must have application, if you believe in ayurvedic healing. The application is free to download from the android market.

Ayurveda book health and fitness android apps

Test your hearing

Is your hearing hundred percent correct? Well, if you want to test your hearing, then this application might help you. The application has 25 different tones, which help to detect frequency. Based on the evaluation, the result shows your hearing age. If the hearing age is less, your hearing capacity is good. The application can be downloaded free from the android market.

Test your hearing free download android

Sleep deeply

Do you suffer from insomnia? Then this application is for you. The application has different audio and video explanations for a good sleep. The application gives practical advice for complete relaxation while sleeping. The application helps to completely relax, that in turn affects your sleeping pattern. The application is available in android market for a price of Rs 235.73.

Sleep deeply insomnia application android paid

Glucose meter

If you suffer from diabetes, then this is the best application to keep a tab on diabetes. The application provides statistical details of the reading. It also has a separate graph for your reading. The application includes diabetic diet tips that may be handy in control of diabetes. It has a separate widget and it supports the Bluetooth connectivity. The application is available in android store for Rs.147.

Glucose meter diabetes application android

Body exercises

The application guides you through different types of exercises. The application has visual illustrations for chest, shoulder, and neck exercises. It also has illustrations of leg and hands exercise. Therefore, to start with a perfect session, this application is handy. The application is available free from the android market.

best health fitness apps android Body exercises

BMI calculator

Now, you do not have to wait to know about your body mass index. BMI calculator guides you through different levels of BMI. The application supports metric measurement units. When you enter accurate details, the results are instantly computed. It is a must have free medical application in android.

BMI calculator fitness android application download

Muscles trigger point

Muscle pain has become a common problem due to stress. Through this application, you can find the source point of muscle pain. The application supports different pictures of muscle source point; it becomes easier to know about the trigger point. The application is available in the android market for Rs.153.69.

Muscles trigger point pain apps android

Critical care

It lets you know about all the medical abbreviations and terms. There is a navigation page in the application, which lets you find anything. It includes information on all the common medical terms. The application is available from android store for Rs 410.71.

Critical care medical terms android apps

Download Health and Fitness Related Applications in Android

All the above health and fitness related applications can be downloaded from:

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