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Top 10 Best Educational Android Apps for Kids and Elders

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There is no age of gaining knowledge. If you would like to increase your knowledge base, then educational android applications are best for you. Many educational applications in android market provide accurate and quite an interesting information. These educational android apps are good for kids and elders alike. Educational applications provide complete flexibility in terms of understanding and is quite a fun at the same time. There are many paid and free versions of educational applications available in android. To know more about the apps, continue reading.

Starchart  (Educational Android apps)

Star chart lets you know about the virtual world of universe. The android application lets you take an insight of celestial view. Just point your android device and then know about the experience. The application uses GPS technology with the 3D effect. Get a clear view of the universe. The application can be downloaded from the android market for a price of Rs.155.

Starchart  (Educational Android apps)

General knowledge Mobile Application

As the name of the application, it lets you know all the things around you. The application covers all the major categories. It covers political science, history, chemistry, and current affairs. There is range of topics to select from the application. The application is great for kids. It keeps on updating with new updates. The application is available free from android market.

kids android apps for General knowledge

English in month: (Learn English app)

The application is good to brush up your English language skills. The application lets you master U.S English skills. This includes written and spoken English. Therefore, if you speak in your native language, then this application would help you. The application also features intermediate phrases. The application can be downloaded from android market for Rs. 98.90.

learn English in month android apps kids

Nasa application

The application is great if you are a NASA lover. This official application provides live updates from NASA. It lets you know about mission information and varied videos. It supports hundreds of NASA images. It supports the countdown clock with twitter feeds and face book connect. The application also supports live streaming of NASA. It is free to download from the android market.

Nasa application android free download

Monkey preschool lunchbox

This is the best application to teach your toddler, about colours and letters. The application supports different sounds for interactive learning. The application supports different funny and animated stickers, which your kid would enjoy. There are many other educational games in the application. The application is available from the android market for Rs 98.41.

Monkey preschool lunchbox for toddlers

Hand shadow: (Free from android)

The application teaches you to play the classic hand shadow game. The different poses are bifurcated in moonlight and sunlight. There are many other graphics to choose from. The application is perfect if you want to learn some hand tricks. The application can be downloaded free from android market.

Hand shadow: (Free apps from android)

Maths formulary: (Maths app)

Brush up your math skills with this application. Almost all the mathematical formulas are supported by the application. From geometry to algebra, there is a lot to learn. The application also supports analysis and basic arithmetic formulas. It is free to download from the android market.

Maths formulary apps android

Science facts

It is a perfect application for all the science students. If you are keen on learning new things about science, then this application is great for you. It covers lots of scientific facts. This includes chemistry, biology and other innovations. The application can be downloaded free from the android market.

Science facts mobile application android

Engineering unit converter

The application is great for engineering students. It covers 50 categories that include electricity energy and other topics. The application also supports unit-to-unit conversion. It also has an access to converter. The application is available free from android market. The application also updates depending on new units.

Engineering unit converter android applications

Kids learn to read: (Educational app for kids)

It is a good application for pre-school children. The application supports different puzzles that can be interesting for kids. The application also features practice support that can help your kids. It also supports sound and ABC phonics. The application supports real blocks, which would help to enhance your child’s memory. The application is available for Rs.196.47 from android market.

Kids learn to read: (Educational app for kids)

Download Above Educational Android Apps for Kids and Elders (Increase Knowledge)

All the above educational android apps for kids and elders (to increase knowledge) can be downloaded from: Simply put the application name in the search box and download.

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  1. najia

    Hi Maninder,
    You have added one math formulary app in your list but there is not any math practice app listed. why don’t you review & add imathpractice fundamental lite kids of grade 2 to 10 math practice app.

    1. Najia – sure. will take a look at that. Thanks for making a suggestion.

  2. Andrew

    You can also try Shape Puzzle. It is an educational android app that helps kids learn new words easily. Full version of the game is available here –

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