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Things Iphone can’t do but Android phones can

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For the people who think iPhone is the one, iPhone is the best and if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone, there is news for you now.  Gone are the days when iPhone was a style statement or when if you had an iPhone you were seen with the eyes of envy.

Android Vs iPhone features


There are some features iPhone doesn’t support but android does. Because of which the percentage of people not using iPhone is because of such reasons. Surprising right? How can a big company like Apple not provide features already in Android? Well some of them might never come into iPhone ever.

Know which all now~

  • IPhone gives the maximum storage capacity of 64 GB and even if any user want to use the external SD card to increase the capacity, the IPhone users are forced not to because mobile Apple device isn’t going to support this any time sooner or ever.
  • While the NFC in other phones lets you ray content between devices just by tapping them together along with other features like storing of tickets, gift cards, boarding passes etc., into the iPhone, the Apple has helped the users to use its Passbook system which lets the user store tickets, gift cards, boarding passes and others but definitely not all the features that you will use with NFC.
  • In some features Apple has been little delayed in gearing up. While with the Android users get the benefit of Swype messaging in which one doesn’t have to keep on typing the letters for the message but drag the fingers over the letters which makes the process of messaging very quick. Well, good news for the IPhone users as iOS 8 will come with such a keyboard like Swype.
  • Its not that the IPhone has become easy replacement of the IPods as the IPOD Classic offers users with 160 GB of music and video capacity, it is expected that the same storage capacity is provided by the Apple phones in future.
  • A huge problem the Iphone users face is the particular Apple’s Lightning cables used to sync the phones and doesn’t permit to use the standard USB port or a standard USB cable to sync. Making smallest of things too specific makes life of Iphone users tough.
  • A simple cable is required to run from the Android device on the TV to run a video in your phone but with Iphone, one needs a special adapter to do the same. Makes life tough, expensive and a difficulty overall.
  • Battery life of the Iphone is kind of good but for the people for who even a sip of water without their phone, it’s difficult for them to survive with one full charge for the whole day.
  • The Physical size of Iphone is smaller than the other competing phones and hence Apple gets some space constraints. We hope the big screen iPhone will come up with big battery as well.

Are you still convinced to buy Apple or Android? Both A’s going to make a tough situation for decision always. Choose the best taking the points into consideration and for those iPhone lovers who completely don’t care about anything but iPhone its truly said ‘If you don’t have an Iphone, you don’t have an Iphone’. Hence, proved!

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