Thesis Theme Upgrade Error in Site and Design Options [OOOH Exciting]

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Here is a solution for the thesis upgrade error which you must have faced while clicking either Site Options or Design Options. The error as visible in the screen shot as well reads like;

Oooh, Exciting!

It’s time to upgrade your Thesis, which means there’s new awesomeness in your immediate future. Click the button below to fast-track your way to the awesomeness!

You must have faced this error either just all of sudden for no apparent reason or after performing a thesis upgrade. Thesis theme otherwise is a very stable wordpress theme but as it could happen with any other man made technology /machine, even thesis theme is no exception. However, there is nothing great to feel worried about as it is not going to delete your posts data. However, the above thesis upgrade error may mess up your settings and hence the look and feel of your website may start looking just plain default. So, first and foremost, don’t even click the “Upgrade” button as the above thesis upgrade error prompts.

Oooh-exciting-Its-time to upgrade your Thesis-error-resolved

Solution to Thesis Upgrade Error in Site and Design Options [Oooh, Exciting..]

Quite possibly, you are using wordpress caching plugin W3 Total Cache as this plugin and its upgrades have been found to be conflicting somehow leading to above error. Though, I have myself been using the W3 TC and Thesis combination for so long without any problem. But, after I faced the above thesis error, I am forced to conclude about something being “not well” with Thesis + W3 TC plugin combination.

To resolve the above thesis upgrade error, simply perform the following steps;

  • Delete the cache.
  • Deactivate the W3 Total Cache Plugin.
  • Delete the W3 TC plugin completely (delete files as well).
  • Do a quick check and clean with Plugin Garbage Collector wordpress plugin.
  • Run WP Optimize to delete all the junk stuff and optimize WordPress database tables.
  • Check if the error has been resolved. If error still persists, proceed with the following steps.
  • Check if all the installed plugins are updated. If not, do update all the plugins with the latest available updates.
  • Are there any plugins which have been deactivated but still not deleted. Check within Inactive plugins. If there is any, delete them completely.
  • Do a clean with Plugin Garbage Collector wordpress plugin.
  • Check if the error has been resolved. If error still persists, proceed with the following steps.
  • Check if WordPress software is up to date with the latest upgrade installed. If not, upgrade WordPress.
  • Although above Thesis upgrade error has actually nothing to do with the actual thesis upgrade requirement. Still, you may like to take this opportunity to upgrade the thesis with the latest version. But, please do it manually and not by clicking the “Upgrade” button in the above thesis upgrade error.
  • Alternatively, if your thesis is already up to date or you don’t want to do an upgrade right now, try to reinstall the thesis theme. Ensure to take a backup of “custom” folder from the existing thesis theme installation before doing reinstallation. Preferably, try to reinstall in a separate folder without deleting any file or folder form the existing thesis installation. You could just rename the folder of the existing thesis installation so that you can always revert if it doesn’t resolve the problem.

Though, it has been found that this thesis error do gets resolved by performing first five steps in the above list. However, it is not the case with everyone. There are many for whom the issue continued to be there even after deactivating W3 TC plugin. So, if you are also one of those, then performing all the extra steps as mentioned above is only going to help you.

Please do share, if you could resolve the Thesis upgrade error (Site and Design Options) with the above steps or not?

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