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Thesis Theme Helped Increase Traffic by 525% [SEO]

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Well the good news is that I have witnessed an enormous increase in traffic to my site. This happened because of nothing else but using the wordpress Thesis theme. If you could see my recent google analytics, you can very well see that steep increase of traffic to my this blog. I have been able to increase the traffic by a good more than 525% in short span of time. Thesis theme helped me to a larger extent in making my blog a high traffic one. Traffic is something which matters most for any blogger or website owner. After all, website traffic only gets converted into decent revenue and earning. Unless, you are getting a decent traffic, there is no point discussing about revenue making streams. Only once you start getting enough traffic to your website or blog, then you can and should think about how to monetize that and make money.


 I have also been struggling a lot to draw good number of traffic to my this technology blog– But as you my have also experienced, it is not so easy. There is not just one but many factors responsible for getting the good traffic to your site. After the content, second most important factor that can help you get good traffic is the SEO (search engine optimization) because your major chunk of traffic has to be from search engines like Google. SEO is also the most difficult and time consuming exercise and as most people mistake – it is not a one time exercise. It has to be continous and regular one.



How Thesis Theme Can Help Increase Traffic

The one good reason why and how Thesis theme could do it is because of many interesting features which are there in Thesis. Most of these features are either missing or difficult to implement manually in other themes. Thesis is one of the wordpress theme which is SEO optimized. That means, you don’t really have to bother much about optimizing your posts for search engines. Thesis theme helps you do it with quite an ease. If you able to SEO your posts easily and in an effective way, then nothing can really stop you from getting a good increase in traffic.

It is not only the huge increase in traffic that Thesis theme helped me with but it also helped in reducing the bounce rate as well. Bounce rate also goes a long way in sustaining the traffic you get because even after getting the traffic if you are not able to sustain it, then you may eventually lose it. Though, I still have to work a bit more in reducing the bounce rate further as I think it is still quite high. However, with Thesis theme, I don’t feel it is any hard to do it.

If you want to know further about SEO benefits of Thesis theme, then you can refer to what makes Thesis SEO optimized.

Well, if you are still not using Thesis theme, then you must give it a try and see an increase in traffic and revenue for your site or blog. Thesis theme comes with a 30 days money back guarantee as well. So, you actually have nothing to lose more than you do now. In fact, you are only going to gain a lot if you are using thesis theme.

Click here to buy and download thesis theme with 30 days money back guarantee.

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