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The Friday Funda: Will Windows Blue beat the blues?

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The latest version of Microsoft’s recognized operating system Windows (Windows 8) is yet to win the hearts of users and the Bill Gates enterprise’s Windows 8.1 or Windows Blue, the successor to Windows 8 is in the news. Windows Blue, officially named Windows 8.1 will be available for a ‘zero price’ download from the Windows Store this year, with a public preview scheduled for a June 26 release at Microsoft’s Build conference. The restructured version will give the operating system touch and appearance of previous versions of OS.
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Features – Windows Blue (8.1)

Windows Blue presents certain features which will make you hit that Like button. These elements have been constructed to render Windows 8 more cursor-friendly and easy going for users who do not have a touch input.

New applications: A few novel apps- Alarms, Calculate, Sound Recorder, File manager and Movie Moments. It is rumored that these applications and the operating system will be small screen friendly.

Navigation and tile enhancements: Windows Blue will allow the users to grow or diminish the size of the tiles at the start screen by 4 times. So, the users will be able to customize their start screen as per their desire. This customization will be doable in real-time than shifting the user to another window to execute the adjustments. A new arrow has been inserted on the start screen which takes you to the Apps window. So, navigating through the start screen would be trouble-free.

Kiosk mode: A feature named Assigned Access can be used to configure the system in a way that it runs a single application for a particular operator.

ReFs file system: This file system was launched with Windows Server 2012. A secure and trustworthy file system built off NTFS.

Tamil Reller, CFO of the Windows division at Microsoft didn’t divulge many facts about what will be integrated in the upgrade, when asked by the media. Not revealing about the contents of the package is simply a tactic to create some eagerness in the users to download the ‘free-price-tag’ upgrade. Windows 8 has not been able to create an impression on the users as Windows 7 did and as a consequence they don’t anticipate an extreme modification of an operating system in use for years now. Windows 8 has even been criticized for triggering a drop in PC sales and the present scenario demands that the techies at Microsoft produce a change in their operating system.

Microsoft plans to have Windows 8.1 available for download by Winter 2013 holidays. Windows RT and Surface RT users will get the preview as well. Too many bugs need to be repaired in Windows 8 and Windows RT is considered a chaotic operating system. Windows division of Microsoft has updated the various versions of Windows 8 operating system 739 times. Windows 8.1 would be more substantial than what Microsoft has been delivering in weekly updates. It is not clear that whether Windows 8.1 will bring back the start button which the Windows users have been used to since years and it vanished in Windows 8.

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