The Best Google Doodles Of 2012

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Google has often showered us with loads of surprises with its modified logos. The company usually has the practice of replacing its conventional-colorful Google logo with an artistic representation that signify or celebrate a message or an incident. Fondly known as Doodles, the company has even created some stunning interactive doodles that allow the users to get in touch and play along with the Google logos. So I guess, I should stop being theoretical and begin with some of the best Google Doodles from Google of 2012, so far. So, here goes:

New Year’s Eve:

The first Doodle from Google rolled out on the first day of the year. Google had personified every letter in the word “Google” and made it look as if each letter was performing some activity. A great way to start the year!

new years' eve doodles

14th, February – Valentine’s Day:

Perhaps this the day that made everyone wonder as to what Google will offer its users. And, Google as always, created magic! It published an animated video that revolved around a boy and his desperate attempts to woo the girl he loved. The video shows the boy using the Google search engine to search and gift the best Valentine’s Day gift to his girlfriend, with an ending of a collage of six couples, who vanish in alternate turns to reveal the Google logo.

14th, February - Valentine’s Day google doodle

22nd, February – Heinrich Rudolf Hertz’s 155th Birthday:

This Doodle was published to commemorate the 155th birthday of Heinrich Hertz. Hertz was a German based physicist, who first proved and explained Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory of light. This existence was proved in the form of radio waves and signals with the help of engineering devices and instruments. So, Google applied the same in its Doodle. It replaced its conventional logo with an animated version of colorful electromagnetic waves that played in series from right to left. Google wisely crafted its logo in the form of the troughs and crests, which can be easily deciphered by its movements.

22nd, February - Heinrich Rudolf Hertz's 155th Birthday

24th, April – 132nd birthday of Gideon Sundback:

This Doodle was incorporated to mark the 132nd birthday of Gideon Sundback. Sundback was the inventor of the modern day zipper that we now use in our bags, wallets, clothes and accessories. So, Google added a zipper in the center of the page, which allowed the users to unzip the page by moving their cursor over the zipper and pulling it down. The page then unzips to display information about Sundback. Creatively crafted! But, one of the issues with this Doodle was that it had problem loading in Internet Explorer and few versions of Firefox as it was developed using HTML5.

24th, April - 132nd birthday of Gideon Sundback

23rd May – Robert Moog’s 78th birthday:

Google celebrated the 78th birthday of Robert Moog in its own style! Google humbly paid a tribute to the man behind the Moog synthesizer by publishing a virtual synthesizer with keys and notations that played music when selected using mouse clicks. As usual, the Google letters – GOOG, were formed in the form of buttons and the letters L and E were depicted as wires that led to an audio box. This audio box was designed in such a way that it can be used to record, playback what we play and later share on G+. The company claimed that this Doodle was one of the most challenging and technically ambitious Doodle ever. Also, it was designed in such a way that a keyboard could be connected and used with the Doodle.

23rd May - Robert Moog’s 78th birthday

The Olympics Special:

Google showered in a series of epic doodles that recreated the spirit of sporting in system screens, the Google way! From July 27th, 2012 to August 7th, 2012, users were offered with a series of animated and non-animated Doodles. The animated Doodles included sports such as hurdles, basketball, rafting and soccer that allowed the users to actually play the sport using keyboard/mouse and gain points. The non-animated Doodles included other sports events such as fencing, pole vault, diving, archery and others. But the highlight was the Doodle that appeared on August 6th, where it humbly paid tribute to the landing of Curiosity amidst the Olympic doodle – Javelin. Applause for that!

The Olympics Special

In case you missed any of these doodles or just want to check out all the Doodles so far, simply type in Google Doodle in the search bar and then press enter. Click on the first link and it will take you to the directory of all the Doodles released till now. Have fun!

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