Desktop Tool to Test How Your Website looks on Mobile

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It is expected that within next two or three years, more people will be using internet from their mobile devices rather than computer. Hence, not converting your site into a mobile friendly site may make it difficult to survive the competition. Google has launched a new site to help users convert their sites into mobile sites. The product named GoMo helps you not only creating a mobile friendly site but they also offer an option to track it with analytics. The service is offered completely free to all users. However, you will need to pay to host the mobile site. As a part of special promotional offer, Google is currently offering free hosting as well for the first year.

Creating a Mobile Site with GoMo

You should test your website for mobile friendliness first before opting for any conversion tool. GoMo does that as well. Best part is that you don’t need to own the expensive mobile devices or gadgets to test how your website looks on various mobile and PDA devices like mobile phone, smartphones, tablets, iPad etc. You can simulate the whole testing right from your desktop or laptop computer. At the end of test, you can see exactly how your website will look if accessed from a mobile device. Google even sends you a detailed report on this with their recommendations on what you should do next.

Test How your Site Looks on Mobile with GoMo (Smartphones,  Tablets, iPad)

To test your website for mobile friendliness from your computer;

Go to

Enter your website’s URL and click “Test Your Site”.

It will take couple of minutes to finish. At the end, it will display your website as it will look in a mobile browser which you can view right on your computer screen (see image).

test website for mobile devices


Complete the next questionnaire to get detailed results report which you can download as PDF file.

If you find your website is not yet mobile friendly and doesn’t visible properly on mobile, you can find step-by-step instructions to convert this.

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  1. Hi Mninder, thanks for sharing this post. Currently, I am using mobilizer to see what my blogs look like in smartphone. I got it for free. Good thing about mobilizer is that, it does not just emulate in iphone but also other smartphone such as BB.



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