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What Makes Thesis WordPress Theme Best SEO Optimized

First of all Thesis theme for wordpress is one of the very few (or the only one, if I am not wrong) themes for WordPress which is being widely used by thousands users worldwide without any complaint. In fact, you will find many examples wherein people switched from some old theme to thesis but not vice-verca. Click Here Now, if you too want to want to make your site/blog world famous like Monika Nybom and make money from it. This is all because of many reasons out of which  SEO has come…

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Making a Switch from Free to Paid Theme, WP Thesis is for you

If you have already been using free WordPress theme for your site or blog and now want to change to a better paid theme, then Thesis theme is for you. There are many reasons why Thesis theme is best for some one who wants to make a switch from a free theme. Switching from Free to Paid WP Thesis Theme is Worth for Money  Well, so far you have used to using a free theme so making a switch to something which is not free, you tend to be very…

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Starting Your Own Blog an Easy Way

If you are interested in blogging and want to have a blog of your own but don’t know how to go about then we have a solution. To get into blogging, you need not be a technical expert person. Even a layman can create his/her blog without getting into any technicalities or coding. There are two things that has made it easy these day for everyone to get into blogging. These two things are – WordPress and a Readymade WordPress Theme. WordPress and Readymade WP Theme for Layman or First-Time…

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Best Paid WordPress Themes for Technology Blog

You have decided to start a Technology blog and want to write about gadgets like smartphones and tablets as well mobile apps. Now, you have heard a lot about wordpress as being the best blogging platform but still have doubts weather it will provide any additional benefits for your new technology blog. Earlier, we explained about how WordPress has loads of best readymade themes to choose from which reduces the time to launch the blog – Thanks to all the complex functionality code has already been taken care of within…

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How to Avoid Getting Punished in WordPress and Get the Maximum Benefits

The world today is becoming fanatic about WordPress. New bloggers are getting more and more inclined in creating their own WordPress website and getting the maximum benefit from the same. Now the question is: Is WordPress website proving beneficial all the WordPress users? The answer is “No”, because most of them do not know when a WordPress blog gets punished and when it gives the maximum output. Thus, if you too are a new WordPress user and wish to get the maximum returns, start reading further. Be specific with the…

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