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How to Make Money Even By Sharing Jokes on Whatsapp?

Earler, we explained about how you can make money from your Facebook page. Now, we are going to do the same with Whatsapp. Yes, you read it right. We are talking about the most famous chat messenger app, Whatsapp which is being used widely by all smart phone owners. However, so far you have only been using it for sending and receiving messages, pics, jokes, memes etc. But, now let’s talk business and that too by sharing jokes on Whatsapp. Simple Way to Make Money by Sharing Jokes on Whatsapp.…

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WhatsApp with Voice Calling – No Invite Required Now – Open for All Android Users

Famous instant messaging app WhatsApp has the voice calling feature included in the new version. That means, now the feature has been rolled out for all Android users. So unlike earlier no invite required to get the WhatsApp voice calling feature. Download WhatsApp with Voice Calling All the Android users need to just download the new version 2.11.528 from the Play Store or version 2.11.531 from the WhatsApp website. The new version will have the voice calling built-in for you. If you an iPhone user, keep track of rolling out…

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10 Interesting features of WhatsApp

With the technology advancing every single day, there isn’t anything left we can’t think of now. With the application world advancing, connectivity from one corner to another globally has become easier than ever. Go through the great features WhatsApp has been offering to make your life the best and the easiest one in the cost effective manner. Under a roof feature: One roof under where you have text messaging, audio messaging, photo, audio and video sharing which makes life easier and a blessing in itself. No one can escape: With…

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How To Hide Last Seen Timestamp in WhatsApp

If you are a Whatsapp user, then you must also be thinking about a way to stop the last seen stamp. Here is how you can hide the last seen timestamp in Whatsapp on you iPhone as well as Android phone. Apple iPhone Users  For all the Apple iPhone users, you need to do the below to hide the last seen timestamp in Whatsapp.  Go to Settings->Chat Settings –> Advanced.  Here, switch off the ‘last seen timestamp’ setting to hide the last online stamp in whatsapp.  For all the Android…

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