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Software Utility to Automate the Mouse and Keyboard Actions

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard is the software utility that helps you to automate the mouse and keyboard actions without any manual interventions. For example, for activities like software installations, playing games or any other such activities requiring constant and repeatedly clicking by mouse at some point on the screen. The software allows you to even input predefined text automatically. You can create, edit and optimize the mouse and keyboard actions and schedule the tasks. The automatic clicking on the screen will be based on locating a small picture on the…

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Share your Keyboard and Mouse with Multiple Computers

Do you belong to that category of people who use more than one computers /laptops. If yes, then, now you can control all the computers with just one set of keyboard and mouse. However, the maximum number of computers that can be controlled using one keyboard and mouse is just four. Still, enough for most of people. Mouse without Borders is the software by Microsoft that does help you with this. The software has been developed by Microsoft as a side project and is an initiative of Microsoft Garage project.…

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Protect, Optimize and Speed Up your Windows PC with Piriform CCleaner

Before getting to know about CCleaner, let us first see the most common problems all of us do face with regard to windows PC. We often find performance of windows PC going down due to the routine usage. It happens because of all the temporary files and data getting accumulated, temporary internet files generated, problem within registry settings due to installation and un-installation of software etc. Next to performance is the concern for online privacy which often gets invaded due to the generation of history of websites etc. All of…

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Free Software to Defrag Registry and Increase System Response Time and Speed

Windows Registry or often called as Registry is an internal centralized database of configuration settings of the operating system (windows) as well as the software and hardware installed on a computer. It contains all the parameters that govern the use of the operating system and software/hardware based on the values and settings defined for these parameters. Whenever you install or uninstall a hardware or a software on your computer, registry settings gets updated automatically. There is a provision to edit these settings manually also,  but only if you are technically…

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