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Apps That Will Bring Both Of YOU Closer

Technology is the only source which can bring a person close to you even if you are miles apart. Technology can be handy if you use it at its best. There are some new apps on android phone which can help you to be in the vicinity of the one you love. You will feel a lot closer than your smart phone’s GPS says; although these apps meant to be private and secure. There is a list of the apps which help you to stay connected 24 hours with your…

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How apps can help us in saving money to enrich our traveling experience?

  Mobile phones have become the crucial part of our life. We cannot even imagine our life without them. We can forget everything before leaving the home. But we can’t leave our home without our mobile phone. These are like pocket computers for us. We use different kinds of touchscreen smartphones to fulfill our necessity. Just with the help of a one touch we can connect to anyone from anywhere. Thanks to the newly invented apps, that has made everything possible enough. Now, we can easily surf out the internet,…

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Human energy can charge cell phones!

One-stop solution to boost the charging power of cell phones Tired of charging your phone battery? Here is the solution to all your problems. Now you can charge your mobile phones with a pair of shorts. You must be thinking that we are cracking a joke. But let’s us tell you that recent reports claimed, the invention of this new technology might bring a havoc in the world of gadgets and accessories. Scientists have developed a unique pair of shorts that would allow the users to charge their mobile batteries…

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Goan girl introduced revolutionary technology, possessing gesture recognition feature

Very soon we all are going to see a vast change in technology along with the development. Soon the facet of tech world is going to change with the upcoming super-cool advancements. Our India is progressing with a high speed and is about to beat the western countries with super innovative minds and their unique creations. It seems girls are making high in the tech giant. Few days back, we told you about the recognition of Indo-American girl Eesha Khare, who managed to fetch an award of ‘young scientist’ for…

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Now you can scan your child!

We must say that technology is getting smarter these days! From smart phones to smart watches, every little thing in this high-tech world is getting smart. How about if we tell you that the smartness of technology has reached the level where no one has ever dreamt of? Yeah! Recent reports revealed an appalled result about digital world. Now you can scan your kids with the recently discovered smart device. It will also recite the bed time stories and lullabies to your kids. Shocked? We too have sensed the shock…

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