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Apps That Will Bring Both Of YOU Closer

Technology is the only source which can bring a person close to you even if you are miles apart. Technology can be handy if you use it at its best. There are some new apps on android phone which can help you to be in the vicinity of the one you love. You will feel a lot closer than your smart phone’s GPS says; although these apps meant to be private and secure. There is a list of the apps which help you to stay connected 24 hours with your…

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Infographic on Valentine’s Day which connects the theme of love, friendship & technology

Here is an interesting infographic on Valentine’s Day (put together by depicting how the theme of the day i.e. Love is connected with technology. Be, it searching the best gift for your valentine to finding the best restaurant in the town to take her/him out, technology helps in everything these days. As a matter of fact, as this infographic also mentions, around 13.19 Billion dollars are spent in US alone for the Valentine’s day. Most people tend to see the web trends to decide about the gift and other…

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