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With more commerce happening in online or through mobile devices, fewer and fewer people are carry cash these days. Instead, they rely on bank accounts that are connected to debit cards or on credit cards. Computers, phones, and other mobile devices are used to check account balances, rather than counting the loose change in your pockets or even running to the nearest ATM. While using cards at large chain stores and even most mom and pop shops is now an assumed convenience, this ease of payment is now spreading to…

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Amazon India Operations Launched as

America’s top and most famous online retailer has launched its India operations with The site has already gone live and has over 1.2 crore products and more than 14,000 brands. Since, FDI is not yet allowed by Indian Govt. for the multi-brand retailers, the site currently not selling anything directly to Indian customers. You can, however, browse, search and compare products details, specs across different brands and retailers but to make the final purchase, user will be redirected to site only. Whatever products you get to see on is…

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