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Now don’t be a fool by paying more than fare price with Autofare app!

For the people who are tired of dealing with irritating auto drivers and their never ending arguments and tantrums towards the exorbitant fares or the long purpose route taken through by them. The wait of not been fooled anymore by so called dumb looking but smart brainy auto rickshaw walas is over. A new mobile app is on our way now! Named, as ‘Autofare’ is one app we have all been waiting for. The support person indeed. Now what is important for you to know? This app will help the…

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Chat Anonymously via Bluetooth with Face Card Chat Android Apps

MSP Inc., an iOS and Android developer company has launched Face Card Chat which enables Android users to chat anonymously with each other via Bluetooth. This Android applications doesn’t need any internet connection to work and doesn’t even access GPS of your phone. That means, you can chat with full privacy and without revealing any of your information or location/whereabouts. All you need a screen name/handle to chat with other users. However, since it is making use of Bluetooth technology, you can chat with users who are within 300 meters…

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Apps That Will Bring Both Of YOU Closer

Technology is the only source which can bring a person close to you even if you are miles apart. Technology can be handy if you use it at its best. There are some new apps on android phone which can help you to be in the vicinity of the one you love. You will feel a lot closer than your smart phone’s GPS says; although these apps meant to be private and secure. There is a list of the apps which help you to stay connected 24 hours with your…

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10 Must Have iPhone Applications

iPhone applications keep on updating on daily basis. However, it becomes difficult to choose the best iPhone application available. If a particular application gets a good review, then it must be downloaded. Reviews do play important role in iPhone applications. Tone pad: (Music app) It is the best application for all the music lovers. You might be having virtual musical instruments as application, but this one is the best. Tone pad lets you tune all the verses in on and off mode. It also lets you create your own tone.…

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Feedie App to Share not just the Pics but the real Food itself

Most of you are fond of clicking and sharing pictures of food on social networks like Facebook etc. Now, you will be more delighted to do the same because it will now have a cause attached. The cause is to feed the hungry poor people. Yes, that’s what the whole objective behind Feedie mobile app which is an initiative of The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a daily meal for disadvantaged and at-risk schoolchildren in South Africa. We’re the Feedies. Our table is the world. You’re welcome…

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