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Apps That Will Bring Both Of YOU Closer

Technology is the only source which can bring a person close to you even if you are miles apart. Technology can be handy if you use it at its best. There are some new apps on android phone which can help you to be in the vicinity of the one you love. You will feel a lot closer than your smart phone’s GPS says; although these apps meant to be private and secure. There is a list of the apps which help you to stay connected 24 hours with your…

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Best Valentine and Friendship Day Applications for Android

Update – Below listed valentine’s day special android apps can also be used equally well for Friendship day. After all, valentine or friendship days are common in many aspects. With valentine’s day is just around, we have shortlisted some very interesting  Valentine’s day applications for android. The day has a close relation with the feeling of love and loved ones. Hence, the apps should also serve the purpose of expressing the love in different and most memorable ways for your loved ones. It is how you will find these android apps…

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Android Apps to Make Friends in a New Place or Town

Nothing could be worst than feeling alone in a new place or town with no friends to share. With technology, building relations and making friends has never been so easier. So, if you are new to a place or have shifted to a new town and looking forward to make new friends, a cool android apps named Spotvite is there to help you. With Spotvite android apps, it is quite easy to setup Meetups and gatherings and make new friends even at an entirely new town or place. Good thing is Spotvite is a free…

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[] Ask and Answer Questions to Increase Facebook Friends

If you are one of those hard core Facebook lover who always strive to increase Facebook friends, then here is a good news for you. Now, you can easily increase Facebook friends just by asking questions and answering questions. Sounds easy and funny ! Isn’t it? Yes, a social question and answer service network does just that. You can sign up and start answering others questions and may even ask yours. Even rate answers with tags like “Funny”, “Cool”, “Smart” etc. Other people do also get to notice you and…

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How to Get Social and Make Friends with Tata Sky Apps for iPhone

Earlier I shared with you about the new Tata Sky apps for iphone that can convert any iPhone, IPad and iPod into a universal remote. However, using it as a remote is not the only thing you can use this Tata Sky apps for iphone but you can also use it to get social and make new friends. Another best part of making friends with this platform is you get to discover friends who share similar interest as yours. This is because this Tata Sky apps for iphone has a…

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