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Best Phones under INR 15,000 price bracket

A lot changes with time even in just a month’s time. When the hyper-competitive smartphone markets keep changing drastically, it is a treat for the buyers only because buyers keep getting new smartphones on offer every now and then and definitely every penny is then worth spending. With the new companies entering the competitive race of technology market every day, these are creating new offers and models for the customers who want worth the penny smartphones. The bold new launches and aggressive price cuts have lead to the whole new…

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Top 15 Best Funny Applications for Android Phone

How about having some enjoyment with free Best funny applications for android phones ? There are many great fun applications in android phone, which are funny and entertaining at the same time. So, are you aware of those applications yet? Well, if not then read on to know more about the top funny applications for android. Some of these funny android applications could be paid but still worth for money. Using these funny android apps, you could make yourself and your friends enjoy by playing with images, maths tricks, get to read funny facts,…

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Top 100 Most Popular Latest Tablets

Now-a-days, with the constantly changing technology, gadgets are flowing in faster than we think. In fact, ever since the tablets are introduced, people have started switching to tablets & most of the other gadgets are forgotten. That is why most of the manufacturers are turning towards tablets and hence have started a TABLET WAR. Here are some of the good tablets which prove to be a good value for money. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 Want a highly functional phone with strong features? If so, then Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is…

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Android Apps to Run Your Business Smoothly

How about mixing business with pleasure? You heard it right, if you have an android phone, there are many applications that may prove to be helpful for your business. Business apps can help to manage your business schedule. Business apps also help to save time. Other applications may be used as productivity tools for business. Business applications are available in free and paid version from the android market. There are widgets that can be used on daily basis. To know more about business applications, read on. Office suite viewer 5:…

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Top 10 iPhone and iPad Games for Little Kids

The iPhone and iPad can be a source of entertainment for adults and children alike. The key for the latter group, however, is to find the age appropriate options that will keep them enthralled without being inappropriate. If you are unsure of which games to download for your little kids, consider the following as potential gaming options for your children. Super Why Super Why is a great option in iOS games for children ages three to six. Younger children can enjoy the mini games that have their favorite PBS characters…

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