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Can LG G2 Beat Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5?

LG is now hoping to and is banking heavily on its latest super Smartphone to  give the company a hit which it is so desperately needed. The Korean company which is leader in electronics has been steadily creating the hype for the device has released lots of  videos and is  promoting the event through social media and its own website and trying to market it. The all promotion run by the G2 which is new Smartphone of the company is trying to emphasise that LG belongs among the serious developer…

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After Windows, Microsoft Office Now Available for Android

Everybody is aware about Microsoft office on PC.  Users use Microsoft office on their computers and it is not possible to dream a computer operating efficiently without Microsoft office as long as it is an mac operating Apple computer.  Microsoft has introduced its office version for android phones.  It is one of the many example which shows increasing popularity of Android operating system. Review of Microsoft office for Android First of all it is not free.  By the way there is no free lunch in this world. It comes with…

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All about Nokia Amber Updates

Everything About Nokia Amber Update In last article we talked about Nokia Lumia 625 which was released recently and many features it was released with one update which is Nokia Amber Update. In this article readers can read about it and discuss it. What is it About Nokia Amber Update? Standby time display Now Nokia window with amber update will include standby time option by which mobile phone will run on special low power mode. It enables the phone to constantly display the current time. Now clock on the phone…

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Now you can pinch your phone!

There was a time when people had the keypad system to operate their cell phones. Now, look at the technological developments. People no longer carry cell phones having numeral keypad system. Touch screen is the world where users fit themselves comfortably. The advent of touch screen phones played a very important role in changing the outlook of virtual world. Boom in touch screen world Touch world has now achieved a level of success and basic needs of the people. Don’t you guys think so? Let us ask you a simple…

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