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Top 3 Android Apps to Monitor Kids Online

Statistically shown, internet has proven to be a seriously dangerous arena for children. Parents are usually worried and would like to protect their children from the likes of:  Pornography  Sexual chat rooms  Harassment  Pedophiles  Meeting strange friends  Sharing explicit photographs Such and many other issues are regularly gone unnoticed by parents. But it’s not even their fault since how can they fix these issues when they are not even aware of them happening. This is where monitoring applications come in. some of these monitoring applications are specifically made…

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Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media Sites Social Media Social Networking Tips and Tricks 

Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media Sites

Computers and networking with other people over computers have become such ubiquitous parts of our lives that most people have some sort of social media site set up for their kids. They may have, for instance, a profile on Facebook that is all their own and that the use to post things about themselves, connect with their family and do all of the things that everyone else does on these sites. Where kids are concerned, however, there are some particular security issues that you do need to worry about. Keeping…

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