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Resale value of iPhone is greater than samsung

In real competition it is true that Android is outpacing Apple at new sales, but the iPhone has great value when you want to resale.  It seems to be the better bet in terms of resale value. At least, that’s according to new data released now a days and that is the news in tech world. Surveying the recent resale market, Analyst has found that Apple hung onto its value in the U.S. better than many of devices like certain Samsung devices. What Makes Resale value of iPhone is greater than…

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Mobile Charger Can Hack an iPhone?

Bad news for iOS based Apple iPhone – now, it can be hacked even by a battery charger. Cyber criminals have build a custom made malicious chargers named MacTans which has the ability to install  malware in your iPhone during charging. It can harm an Apple iPhone running any version of iOS and all it takes is less than a minute to hack into an iPhone. Mactans  – Malicious Chargers, Hackers’ New Tool So, one need to be cautious enough while buying accessories for your iPhone. Don’t simply go for…

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Amazing apps for the music lovers!

Here comes the good news for all the music lovers plus those who love to enjoy the evening in clubs and pubs. Now you can take the joy ride of a disco at home. The newly introduced app will facilitate you with the surrounding like a live concert. It’s like a live streaming where you can easily connect to the event happening at any corner of the world. Now you no longer have to spend those heavy bucks to watch a live concert or to attend the party at night…

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Get App-Dated: Three iPhone 5 Software Updates You Need to Check Out

Sadly, responsible smartphone ownership does not end with buying a hard case. Aside from making sure your iPhone’s hardware is clean and protected, it is also a must to update your iPhone’s software on a regular basis. Updating your apps every once in a while not only ensures that you get to enjoy new software features, it also makes sure that you don’t have a buggy or lagging app on your phone. Checking out new updates on your iPhone 5 also helps make the App Store a more robust and friendly…

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No Need of Passcode to Unlock iPhone, Finger Prints are Enough

If we can believe the rumours, then very soon users won’t need any password or pass code to unlock their iPhone. Your hand and fingers will be sufficient to unlock. I don’t really mean that you will have to unlock the same way as you do now. Instead, your fingerprints will be good enough to lock the iPhone in future. Though not yet officially disclosed, but speculations are that very soon Apple and Samsung going to launch the iPhones that can be unlocked using finger prints.

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