iphone-data-loss-and-recover Infographic 

iPhone Data Loss and Recovery [Infographic]

The below inforgraphic provides the primary reasons for data losses in iPhone and their recovery methods. Quite interestingly, data loss due to virus attack is quite minimal with just 5% of them getting affected. The foremost reason is the accidental deletion followed by physical damage to the iPhone. Now, data recovery obviously, could be the most desired by iPhone users if there are such a high % of people who are losing it because of their own mistake. Needless to say, that the data type which is severely affected is…

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iphone-5se-features Gadgets 

Why iPhone 5SE is a Game changer?

The new iPhone is here and people can’t stop talking about it. Let’s first talk about the Design, it measures 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm and hit the scales at 112g. It looks exactly like the iPhone 5S with minor changes around the edges of the phone. It has all the new colours that iPhone 6s provides. If we think about it what apple has done it here is actually taking us back in time, all would agree upon this that iPhone 5SE is a development of iPhone 5S. Both comes with a 4 inch…

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iphone-6 Apple Gadgets 

iPhone 6- everything about the Slimmest iPhone

The wait is over for the people who were waiting for iPhone 6 to hit the market. With the slimmest phone ever made with just 6.9 mm, you would definitely expect everything outstanding as and when Apple launches its new iPhone model. In terms of looks, overall round edges in in, good-bye to the sharp edgy looks. The power button of the phone from the top has been moved to the right. Thank god for the change for the easy and comfortable access giving the look of larger phone overall.…

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iPhone_or_Android Apple Comparisons Mobile Smartphones 

Things Iphone can’t do but Android phones can

For the people who think iPhone is the one, iPhone is the best and if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone, there is news for you now.  Gone are the days when iPhone was a style statement or when if you had an iPhone you were seen with the eyes of envy. Android Vs iPhone features There are some features iPhone doesn’t support but android does. Because of which the percentage of people not using iPhone is because of such reasons. Surprising right? How can a…

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Gadgets Smartphones 

The new fodder for the iPhone lovers – 5S and 5C!

Here is the new supplement for the iPhone lovers!! Many fans and Apple lovers sat late night in many countries glued on to youtube and official Apple website, waiting for the official video launch to give them the first look and specifications of the new gadget of their dreams till the next surprise from iPhone arrives. The first surprise was launching two phones in a single go, breaking its good old tradition of one thing at a time. Apple launched two phones – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Though coming…

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