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Interesting Facts About Pinterest Apart from Zuckerberg [Infographic]

The latest to join Pinterest is none other than Facebook’s CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg. Mark’s profile on Pinterest is located at and he is following around 100 people. Though he has not been very active and has created only a little information about himself. Pinterest which is a new online bulletin boards kind of social networking was launched only 2 years back. It has been able to gain much interest from users community only quite recently. The site which has gained around 10 Million unique visitors has become…

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Longer Status Updates get Facebook Friends and Likes [Infographic]

Are you always looking for ways to get more Facebook friends and fans. If you are, then you better start posting longer status updates to attract lots of new Facebook friends and likes. Not only this but talk more about music and sports and very less about family stuff, if you don’t want to lose out on Facebook friends and fans. Well, these interesting facts have come out from a study which have been very nicely compiled together in the form of an Infographic by Help for Depression team. The survey…

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