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Surviving Google updates – Staying on Top

Staying on top of Google’s constant revisions, updates and enhancements can be difficult, but keep your eye on the customer and you’ll be OK. If you’re in any way involved in SEO, it’s clear that making a high-ranking page in 2013 requires a very different approach to what you might have done in, say, 2005. Taken individually, Google’s innovations look incremental, but with a long view we can see a clear direction in what the search giant will be looking for in 2014 and beyond. Stuck inside Google The first big step away from simple…

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Why Lower Google PageRank is Better than Fake Higher One

PageRank™, a patent technology that was invented and launched by Google to check out the importance of a website/web page. Today it is one of the most important parameters (Google calls them signals) out of 200 other parameters which plays a crucial role in the Google’s algo for determining the relevance and hence the rankings. pagerank is generally indicated by a Green bar – the length of green part varies as per the pagerank score of the website. PageRank score varies between 1 to 10 where 1 being the lowest and 10 being the…

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