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Android Vs iOS Comparison on Various Factors

When it comes to Android it is now the world’s most used Smartphone platform.   Thanks to all mobile manufactures off course some credit goes to IOS which can only be used on iPhone or apple devices.  It means you have to buy the phone to buy the Platform.  By the way real apples are very costlier too. Cost Comparison Android Vs IOS A person can enjoy Android by paying INR 3,000 and more but to experience an IOS you really need to empty your pocket.  Many times 2 months of middle…

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Have You Seen a Flexible, Bendable Screen Mobile Phone? [Pics]

Leading mobile phone manufacturing companies like Nokia, Samsung and Apple have been working on the technology that can make your mobile phone flexible enough that you can really bend it the way you like. It sounds a bit too easy that it actually is. Most common misconception is that you only require the outer glass to be flexible enough so that you can bend it and keep it in your pocket. However, it is not that easy because apart from the glass, there are lots of internal components like battery…

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Zync launches budget tablet Z999 plus

The launch of Zync Z999 tablet plus has created a sensation among the masses while giving a tough competition to their contenders in the market. This budget tablet is priced at Rs. 11,990 with lot of amazing features. There are many reasonably priced tablets launched in the market but we need to assess whether Z999 plus tops the chart or not. Now-a-days, many companies are offering economical tablets just to enter the market and stay in the competition but making a compromise on certain vital features such as screen quality,…

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Weekly Tech News Roundup [Top Updates & New Launches]

Past week has seen many new gadget launches including the much awaited Nokia Pureview 808 with 41 MP camera. Social Networking site Facebook has made to the headlines for two bad reasons – one, losing its CTO Bret who is the man behind Open Graph and another losing $10 Million in a lawsuit over users rights violation in Sponsored Stories ads product. In lieu of security threats, Facebook has started collecting mobile and phone numbers of its 900 Million users to provide them with an extra security. Our good old…

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With Chaze Mobiles, Everything is Dual, Low Cost & Big

First, Chaze mobile phones made to the headlines because of  its TV commercial featuring famous adult film actress Sunny Leone. Then, it made another with the launch of Chotu – the lowest cost dual-SIM mobile phone at a price of Rs. 1099. Well, apart from Chaze Chotu, all other mobile phones from the company are fitted with either dual-SIM or Dual-charging point or Big battery life. Another interesting point is that most of Chaze mobile phones with the above features are still priced less than Rs. 3000. In fact, majority…

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