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Blog Pre-Launch Activities to Ensure You Don’t Fail

There are many pre-launch activities that you must be doing already prior to launching a blog. These include some common tasks like keyword research, topic research, looking for a domain name availability and booking, finding a best, reliable & cheap web hosting (in case of self-hosted blog). Majority of people concentrate only on the list of activities thinking them enough. Although, these much of pre-launch tasks could be good enough to make a start, there are yet few more things, which if you do during pre-launch stage, will increase the…

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Know Above The Fold Ad Position on Your Blog

If you are a blogger or a webmaster who is monetizing the website traffic with Google adsense or other ads, then you must have heard about Above The Fold ads or ad position. The term “Above The Fold” is often used in relation with position of ad. As per thumb rule, any ad placed above the fold tend to perform far better than the ones placed below the fold. Statistics shows that above the fold ads perform 60-80% better than the ones placed below the fold. However, not every one knows exactly which position is above…

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Blogging: Top 5 Killer Niche Ideas for Housewives and Women

If you are a housewife spending most of your time taking care of your kids and other household jobs, you know now why blogging could be an ideal profession for housewives like you. Now, you have either made up your mind to take up blogging, the next question that may pop up your mind is now what topic should you write on or in other words what are the areas /subjects you feel having good knowledge about. Well, it could be many things, something just out of your any academic…

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Discard Keyword Tools to Get Killer Post Ideas:SEO

Are you also one of those blogger who uses keyword research tools quite regularly, still don’t get that keyword idea to draw just good number of people to your site and blog. You are not alone. There are many like you who have been facing the similar issues and problem. So, what’s the issue and how do we find any other method which can be either equally good or even better than the regular keyword research tools. I am not trying to prove any thing against keyword research tools nor…

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Top 6 Critical Factors to Successful Blogging and Great Blog

We are not going to discuss here about what a blog and blogging is, in this post. Much has been talked and discussed about how and where to make a blog, how to promote, how to do on-page and off-page SEO etc. All of these factors are equally critical and play an important role to make you a successful blogger and make your blog popular. But all of these come into existence only after your blog has been launched and in fact, blog has been there for some reasonable time…

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