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Which Android Apps that Drain Battery the Most?

When it comes to Android smartphones, it is not always the phone usage that drains the battery. Many times, there are some apps which are culprits and drains the battery like anything. Many of these apps are pre-installed android apps that comes built-in when you buy your smartphone. However, there are many others that you install and use later that also leads to drainage of the battery. Among these, Facebook is one of the app that drains the battery in Android phones. It also appears in making the highest performance…

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Android Apps to Charge Battery Without Charger & Get Full-Charge Alert

What do you do when you want to make an important call, and your battery is too low or gone? Well, you fret and curse the time and you say why this happens with me all the time. However, if you are an android phone user and your battery is low, you are lucky. Android market has introduced many applications that work to charge your battery without manually plugging your phone or using any electricity. Then, there is an app, which if you are using traditional charger, can alert and…

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Top 15 Best Battery Life Saver Apps for Android

Best and easy Battery saver apps for android are the applications that help you extend the life of your battery of your android mobiles. Battery saver apps may work in a way that it may switch off applications, software and functions that consume the most of battery life. This switching off either may happen automatically or just at a click of a button so as not to consume much of battery in mere using the battery saver apps. There is not just one but many battery saver apps are available which you…

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